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    I’m in the market for some bibs this season and I’ve narrowed it down to these two. I found a few bits of info on the two but nothing solid in regards to my questions. First, I’m a big dude, 6’3″ unfortunately 250 ish right now. How are these bibs on length, any bigger guys wearing them? Also, I want to make sure these things fit over my boots, I have some arcteryx bibs and they barely fit, more of an mountaineering style. And any other general info anyone wants to share would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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    I got the Trewth bibs this season for down here in NZ and i havent been disappointed yet!
    Im 6ft and about 210 and they are pretty baggy on me.
    I got the XL and i could gain a few pounds and still fit in em. Straps are fairly adjustable so i dont think you will have an issue fitting in them..

    Legs fit over my Deeluxe Spark XV boots just fine.

    I was tossing up between the bakers bibs and the trewth too!

    Hope it helps!

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    Thanks for the info, that’ll help in my decision!

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    I got the baker last year in 2xl. I am also a big guy, 6″2′..ahem.. 260 lbs

    Length wise, excellent. Fit over boot, no problem. My weight though, is carried in my beer storage pouch, up front. That said, I was able to squeeze my ass in there and once they broke in a bit, they felt much better. If I dropped 20 or so, they’d be perfect!

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    Thanks buddy.. Yeah, all work and no play has left this guys gut larger than I would like… Hopefully work will slow down so I can play a bit! Thanks again for the info!

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    real question is– HOW WELL DO THEY BREATH and whats the venting like. I am bibs forever! but finding a pair that vents well is key.

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    I have a few seasons on the trewth bibs. I dig em, they were pricy. I wanted a full length side zip bib but I didnt want a bib with tour skier steez (nacho libre stretchy pants). Trewth bibs have great venting for hiking in sunny CA. Lots of pockets for your paraphernelia. Waterproof! So far everything is dope about these bibs, but I do have one gripe. whats with the cheezy suspenders? Everything else is quality but the suspenders?

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    Gonna echo aksltxlt, my experience with the early run Trewth bibs has been pretty positive overall. Straps sucked, but I’ve since replaced those, new ones look slick. And the back is a little low IMO, though that may have changed with the current model. I did notice however last years Trewths and this years have ditched the full side zips which had made venting awesome for what they are. If you’re looking for ultra breathable, a 3 layer gore type material that covers you from chest to toes isn’t the 1st place to look. But if you’re after a wearable backcountry bombshelter give them a go.

    That was Pontus

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    Trews are lifetime warrantied, I believe.

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    Both are tough and excellent options.

    I bought both, and decided to keep the Trew, returned the Baker. Both don’t breathe much, but the previous models had great venting with the full side zippers.

    Now I have purchased the Flylow Compound pants as I think they will breathe better and I don’ always need a bib.

    I am a smaller guy and both are pretty baggy. I thought the Baker bib was the baggier of the two when I had them at the same time.

    Hope this helps


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