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    Anyone use a fluoro wax? Is there an effect on skin adhesion?

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    I’ll probably get blasted for this but I’ve pretty much quit waxing my split due to skin adhesion problems in the past. Dunno about flouro specifically tho.

    Jon Dahl
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    I’ve had skin glue problems in the past that SEEMED to have fixed itself by switching to straight parrafin wax, and some serious scraping.

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    I’ve heard that once you use a fluoro you can never get rid of it…….so I want to be sure.

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    If you do a good run after the fluoro, then put your skins on, you should be OK. The only thing I use fluros for anyway are spring conditions that eat your base. Fluoros are really bad environmentally too.

    Keeping a good base of regular wax will help keep glue from sticking to the base. Dry boards will grab globs of glue in time.
    If your having problems with the skins sticking, you either need to modify your technique or re-glue your skins! Consider crampons for steep or hard side hills.

    With a really dry base, you should scotch brite it first, getting rid of the little hairs that stick up from the p-tex. I use a gummy stone to attack any rust spots on the edges as well. Then it should get 2-3 coats of wax.The board should be at room temp, I stick um in front of a heater and make sure they don’t get too hot. A few layers, given time to soak into the p-tex and scrapped well in between, works better than trying to glop on a thick layer. Obviously, this takes planning, not the morning you want to go out! I like to let the first layer sit in a warm area overnight. (This is using a wax iron, not rub-on. Rub-ons are for in the field)
    I personally use white wax, or that mixed with graphite wax, for the base, then add temp specific wax as the final 1-2 layers.

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    Oh yeah, DO NOT put skins on a fresh coat of any rub or wipe on product, it will likley ruin your skin glue.

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    You are truly a goddess………thank you. I have an F4 that is a rub on. I usually do it over regular wax the night before…..think I’ll stick to reg on the split

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    never let the sun get to the skin while it is attached

    when attached the board allways in the snow.

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