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    I’m looking for new boots. After reading some of the reviews and discussion in this section I’m curious about any rider feedback on the Talon?

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    I have been riding the 90% identical predecessor “The One” for a few years now.

    Stiff, comfortable, great dual Boa lacing (tighten and loosen lacing without even lifting the pants).

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    I’ve had about 10-12 days on my Talons this winter.
    Really digging the dual BOAs and the boot in general.

    They’re really, really stiff – definitely the stiffest I’ve worn (primarily 32 brand boots, in the past).

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    I’m not really a fan. Broke the BOA on the third day. Lower BOA cables are too short so they restrict your foot from coming out of the boot easily when you are taking them off. They never stay tight because the BOAs pop loose all the f-ing time, and the boots are overall pretty soft and low for my taste. I’ve gone back to riding my malamutes.

    But hey, they are light and have a smaller footprint than most.

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    Thanks for the feedback. A couple of questions. Is shredgnar the only one that had any boa problem? How do they dry out, can you pull out the liner, the footbed, etc? And any difficulty reassembling?

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    @shredgnar wrote:

    They never stay tight because the BOAs pop loose all the f-ing time

    Never experienced that on any Boa boot. Never heard of it either. Weird.

    Did however have to change one Boa wire some years ago, however boot had many, many days on them at that time.
    Not a difficult task, spares are being provided for free.

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    I’m considering all options so figured I’ll I’d ask how are the Flow Talon compared to Deeluxe and Fitwell when it comes to splitboarding ? Or is the just no comparison? They seem like just a really stiff boot not really specified for splitboarding just wondering how they would hold up on the ascends and all thanx

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    As written in post #2 above, I can only compare to the pretty similar Flow The One.

    The latest Fitwell model is considerably stiffer than The One (and is stiffer than any other softboot anyway), especially after breaking in. So flat approaches are more fun in the The One (slightly longer stride), difficult sidehilling is a tad easier in the Fitwells.

    The Ones are noticeable lighter than Fitwells. (approx. 1250g for The One size 12, 1550g or so for Fitwell size 300)
    Ice, Rock, kicking toes in a hard snow surface? –> Fitwell!

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    Thanx for the info, any opinions on quality between the 3. I would figure Fitwell, flow and then Deeluxe in that order. From best to worst

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    I have about 40 days on Flow Talons. They are comfortable and the dual zone boa allows a wide range of upper / lower flex configurations for different conditions, which is great. They are reasonably secure hiking on harder snow conditions with the Vibram soles, but far from a mountaineering boot.

    That said, durability and construction quality is poor.

    On one boot, the boa ratchet exploded, rendering one boa zone unusable.

    On the other, stitching is already blowing out. is replacing them, but I’d hoped for something longer lasting than less than a season.


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    i have about 80-90 days on mine now. Same ‘ol softboot issues… poor stitching, BOAs are easily broken, etc.
    I’ve ended up seam sealing all the stitching, maritime epoxied the plastic areas that lost the stitching, and thus still rocking long days in them.

    Too bad on the quality – as the boot still feels great, the soles are killer, overall I really like the boot.
    Their appearance is now a running joke amongst my friends 🙂

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