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    I took a Flow NXT binding and removed the straps & back from the baseplate. These I attached to the Sparks Ignition II base plate using the Flow screws to the “toe straps” , and 6 x 20 mm bolts, nuts and lock washers to go thru both the rear straps and high back, thru the same rear most hole in the baseplate, with a nylon washer between the high back and the baseplate to elimlnate the rubbing. The wires from the highback attach to the baseplate with 4x 12mm bolts, nut and lock washers.



    Nice work Hamy! You’ll have to let me know how they ride.


    Will do, but this weekend looks like more frozen ice, than snow. 🙁


    Interesting! I have a set of NXTs that I’ve been looking at for spliting. How do you secure the pin? You may have to use the voile pins.


    No, I’m using the Sparks pin with the cord going around the rear strap. :thumpsup:


    That looks awesome. :thumpsup:

    I’ve never used flow bindings before, but i’ve wondered how easily there are to get out of if you were caught in an avalanche (releasable bindings?). Getting one foot out shouldn’t be too hard, but getting both out at the same time might be tricky.


    Nice Hamy!
    The first season on my split I used my Flows.(with Voile tracks) I loved the convenience of them, but Spark had come out with Ignitions, and I had to go with the clearly more efficient (and lightweight) system. The Sparks have been great, but I always wondered if someday Will might come up with a Flow version. Looks like the highback wire attachments don’t need to be as complicated as I thought, though I didn’t see if you still had adjustment for the forward lean.(Tension of the highback wire) Also, the highback attachment point looks alittle low in your mod. To keep the Flow proportions, I thought you might need a slightly higher side rail to mount them alittle higher. The new Fuse baseplates look inherently easier to mod. I may just have to try this.

    Let us know how they ride!


    Nice work! I’ve wondered if this could be done. Could it work on the fuse you reckon? I use my NXT’s on the hill and they provide way more lateral support than a conventional to strap binding. Could be a big help on the sidehills. Just wish the forward lean was easier to adjust between up hill and down hill.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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