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    anyone use them for splitting ? if not why?

    affix snow
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    I havent personally, but ive heard some not so good things……

    Some said they were too heavy and were awkward getting into on steep terrain…..

    Personally, i like a good Burton Cartel strap binding. Lighter too.

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    I haven’t personally tried them but has spent some decent time looking them over in the store…I don’t think there a good candidate for splitting because:
    1) They are heavy
    2) Theh have lots of moveable/loseable parts
    3) The highback has a hard material on it where most others have a soft pad for comfort…I think if they had the soft it would get worn quickly and fall off due to the way you have to enter the binding.
    4) They are too damn heavy 😀

    Good concept and probably a great binding for in-bounds but just not what I’m looking for. Is the forward lean adjustable quickly? Is it important to you? I personally get as peived as a skier when I see a fellow boarder w/ no forward lean straight leggin’ side slipping all the good powder we just “earned” 😉

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    The binding may be a little (a lot) on the heavy side. I don’t think there are any more parts to lose than a regular strap setup. I’ve heard forward lean adjustment is a pain with the Flow setup. I run very little lean, as I’m riding pow, not parks myself. I’m all for comfort.
    The only thing I wonder about with the flows, is getting them on standing on a steep slope. They don’t really seem to be engineered to be put on while sitting.

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    Here I didn’t have much bad to say about flows. I had thought they had worked out most of the “bugs” they used to have, then I find this:

    Flow Bindings Recalled

    San Francisco, CA (Friday, January 14, 2005) – The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with the Flow International, yesterday announced a voluntary recall of approximately 6,000 pair of 2004 Flow MK Series snowboard bindings, as the axle pin used to secure the rear lock lever to the bindings can bend or break.

    Flow International has received 40 reports of the pins bending or breaking. No injuries have been reported.

    Model numbers involved are the MK03, MK04, MK05 and MK110. Those with the recalled bindings are advised to stop using them immediately and return them to a nearby Flow dealer for repair. Consumers also can contact Flow International to have a repair kit with instructions sent by mail.

    The MK Series bindings can be identified by a rear snaplock lever with button lock, and cable adjustment wheel on the side of the baseplate. All MK Bindings will have both of these features.

    For additional information, call Flow International at (800) 691-7611 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. PT Monday through Friday or visit the firm’s Web site at

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    Thanks for the info Kill!

    I posted it on Couloir as well.

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    I recently bought a Split Decision used with Flow 4’s. As a lifetime ski bum that NEVER buys new gear, I have always used the equiptment that comes with the board. I never even tried Flows based on their price. As a snowboarder at lift serve resorts, the Flows are awsome and do have a leg up in the performance department with four different adjustments. In the backcountry, the weight may kill you, but I still find the ease of the binding system is the main benefit. Having a binding always at the same setting is a bonus. After some time, I can strap in on the fly.

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    I had flows on my Burton S70 and I quickly switched back to my Technine stap-ins.

    Like everyone’s been saying, use them at the resorts, they’re great to get in and out of but they are tanks.

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    I had a pair of Flows and they broke on me. I use Burton Mission Greed, the cap strap rocks!

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    Oh that’s another thing about the flow’s, i had a strap break and my back foot came out. The board went wiggly squiggly through the air, coulda been ugly, could have wacked me in the head.

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    Don’t give up on the Flows for general resort use, but ya they are still a little ways away from having something light enough for everyday split use. Good things are in the works there, it’s just a slow process… Let’s just say they actually have inteligent people paying attention to design and production of them again.

    Anyway, I still use my straps and am content…

    Greg - NoKnees

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    Seems that Flow’s were mostly on the outs, but for anyone who might want a pair for resort use or splitting. Steep and Cheap has a good pair for $100 today. Probably not for long though.

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    I question the wieght theory of the flows. I’ve put them on a scale against Ride teams and Ex. flows are heavier then the Ex’s by 10 grams, 20g heavier then the Teams. I too thought they were heavy, they look heavy, but the scale never lies.

    I bought the pro 11’s afrter demoing them for a couple days in bounds. no performance issues at all. the main selling feature was the pro deal shop rats get though, if I had to pay the 300cnd+ asking price fro pro 11’s, I would be on Ride EX’s right now. it’s a shame you have to pay almost twice as much to get a simmiler product.

    once I get a few days in the back country I’ll give an honest review.

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