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    Kyle Miller

    For August turns Scott and I decided to head up to the North Side of Rainier and Make a weekend trip up in Mowich lake and Spray park . The destination was the Flett Glacier which is now more of a remnant snowfield then Glacier that tops out around 8’500 feet between both Echo and Observation Rocks.
    Scott’s friend Jill decided to come along and enjoy the scenery.

    The first night was uneventful as we camped at the Mowich lake campgrounds. The next morning we made a relatively Early start of 9:00 traversing on the Wonderland trail for 4 miles then cut into Spray Park.

    The View from Spray Park

    Jill and Myself Resting

    Scott Crossing the Boulder field with Mother Mountain in the background

    Mt Rainier Between Echo and Observation Rocks

    Our Destination the Flett Glacier

    It was Jill’s first time using Crampons but she was enjoying herself

    Jill and Myself Climbing the Glacier

    Looking at the Massive Willis wall and liberty Cap

    Jill at the High Point with the Russel Glacier in the Background

    We made our way back to the Flett Glacier

    Now finally some Skiing and Snowboarding

    It was so good we had to go for a round two

    Nice clean lines on the Flett

    Taking a quick Breather before the hike back to base camp

    Leaving the Flett

    This was our campsite for the night

    There wasn’t that much color for the Sunset but the Sunrise was amazing


    We could tell Rain clouds were coming in so we decided to leave early and be back at the Car before noon

    So this concludes my 70th Month of Consecutive Skiing

    On another Note we were at the Flett Glacier last year and it seems that it had advanced this last winter

    Have you skied this area ???


    and just when i was starting to watch the tumbleweeds spinning around your TR comes along. just in time 😀 looking good kj, way to get those aug turns in. conditions look good too. im sure by next month it will be back to riding powder for you pnw folks!


    @Kyle Miller wrote:

    Have you skied this area ???

    Isn’t that the Tatoosh? One day I plan on it. Looks like this year it’s not going to happen… 😥

    Edit: Duh, thats not the Tatoosh… You are on the North side of Rainier… 🙄


    Nice work – I really need to get up to the Flett sometime 😉


    That looks like a fun trip

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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