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    I don’t typically review products but since you can’t try the Fitwell Backountry boot on in a store in the US (as far as I know) i figured this will be helpful. 3 out of 5 Stars

    The soles and the shells of the boots are the highpoints. Weather you use semi-auto crampons or traditional strap-ons its a great fit. This is the main reason I was interested in them. They also provide great support for a softboot when you are splitting. I went from a Burton SLX to the Fitwell which is a drastic difference but that is what I expected.

    Shell – Very durable, great fit with crampons, I like the traditional lacing but the laces suck, booster strap is great. This boot can be as stiff as a board or if you like flex in the upper part like me don’t tie the laces as tight along with the booster strap and it softens the boot up. The laces that came with my pair were super cheap and crappy and I replaced them with hockey skate laces. I broke a stock lace the first day. A rivet midway up the boot also pulled out recently which sucks. I just skip that section of lacing now and boot still works fine but would love to get it fixed someday. (FITWELL?)

    Liner – For me, the liner that comes with the boot is JUNK. First impression it looks pretty sweet. I instantly found a pressure point on my lower shin though. I thought it would get better as the boot broke in more but it got worse. The laces and the lace lock on the liner is also JUNK. It did not lock the lace, I replaced it with burton lace and lock. I felt my heel moving around a bit too so I put some adhesive foam buttlerfly’s on the exterior heal/ankle of the liner and it snugged it up. Still the pressure point though. I roughed it last season with the stock liners but thanks to Remind Insoles the Solution Liner was the answer. I just purchased them and they are a great product. No pressure point, quality laces, lace lock works, very comfy.

    After all my persistence and trying to make the boot worth the price I think I am finally there. I do not regret buying them with all the hassle I had because they work great for mountaineering and that is what I do primarily. The Deeluxe Xavier De La RU boots look pretty sick though. And you are always posing a risk buying a boot u haven’t tried on so I expected some snags. I lucked out and the size was right.

    Bottom Line – If you want an awesome shell that is going to love crampons, hold up to the most rugged environments, and provide support for splitting, empty your wallets. If you think they are going to be a perfect boot right out of the box, BE AWARE! I got size 285 and my Burton’s were a size 10 and it matched. I have narrow feet. I splitboard in the Tetons most of the time. One other thing, customer service is weak since they are based in Italy and stuff.

    Jones Carbon Solution
    Spark Binders
    G3 Skins
    Remind Insoles Solution Liners
    Fitwell Backountry Boots
    A bunch of other shit. Thanks and I hope this helps, GNARMAR

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    Thanks for the review. I am having similar shin issues with the Fitwells. Do the Remind Insoles seem to have more “volume” than the stock liners? Thanks.

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    Try the Eliminator Custom Tongues


    I use these in a stock Scarpa F1, which gives a nice progressive forward lean and fills in my boot.

    Skijor AK
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    Thanks for the link.
    I think some of the problem w/ the Fitwell liners is that they are just a 1/2 inch too short for the shell.

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