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    christoph benells

    quiver of boots just like a quiver of boards…man up and eat top ramen and spend all your money on gear like me.

    judging by the sandals that ol jebus has rocked in the past, id say he’d be a soft booter.


    @christoph benells wrote:

    quiver of boots just like a quiver of boards…man up and eat top ramen and spend all your money on gear like me.

    judging by the sandals that ol jebus has rocked in the past, id say he’d be a soft booter.

    +1 on a full, well rounded quiver

    and heyzues don’t need no stinkin boots

    wasatch surf

    @BGnight wrote:

    Lol shields up!
    fruitbooter retaliation in 3,2,1… 😆

    Anyway, just hand checked lateral upper stiffness of my fitwells vs my T1’s and Malamutes. Fitwells are way LESS stiff than both boots laterally above the ankle. The bottom is way more stiff so not sure if there’s going to be any difference in skinning. Personally, I think it’s a very good thing for riding performance. More steeze!

    ummm I look steezy as fuck in my tlt 5’s who gives a shit about performance, my boots are shiny and I have the latest mods. People in the parking lot are jealous and often come up to me to touch and feel my boots. My fully auto crampons color coordinate with my boots and bd Z-poles, swag. Never mind the fact that i’m still slow on the skin track, I look really fast. One day I will probably even get laid because of hardboots and my dynadiddles( fingers crossed baker splitfest 2013 :bananas: ). those fitwells look like a fat retarded zebra, good luck in the apres scene with those thing. :thumpsup: 😉

    Oh and jesus christ looks like me.

    glad to see a better option for softbooters coming out, sparks are a joke.

    one day BG you will try (good) hardboots and probably still hate them, but in your heart you will know they are better. I agree with you though, I hope we all get some better snow this year!

    christoph benells

    watch out dan bc rider might ban you again! 😆


    With the Fitwells and the Sparks it is nice to see the first soft boot designs coming out for those softboot riders who want to climb and ride conditions.

    I hesitate to jump into this but…..

    I assure you BG, AT boots are not going anywhere as a viable splitboard boot option. In fact, just as softboots are improving for the uphill, AT boots (TLT5M) are only improving for the downhill.

    With the TLT5s, dialing in your set up is simple. The only mod I have done is to increase the forward flex by expanding a slot in an aluminum plate.

    CB, if you must ride in walk mode and with a loose upper buckle, the boot model you have is too stiff for snowboarding. You still may not like them for riding, but I look forward to your thoughts on the TLT5M.

    Russman, just as most softboots on the market are not suitable for splitboarding, most AT boots also are not suitable for splitboarding. The vast majority are too stiff in both forward and lateral flex or have the wrong flex profile for splitting, and do cause the issues you describe.

    AT boots that have an expanded forward range of motion (typically through a simple modification) and suffcient lateral flex act very much like soft boots in a soft boot binding. The idea that the highback needs to be separate from the boot is incorrect and based on experiences with AT boots that are not suitable for splitting.

    Subtle movement and the ability to stay over one’s edge are what make a good snowboarder. I ride a lot of firm corn each volcano season and if I could not get subtle lower leg movement in my AT boots, I would not be riding them.

    Enjoy the Fitwells. If I was a soft booter, I would certainly be ordering a pair to try.

    We will all get better snow this year. :thumpsup:

    christoph benells

    i dont know what to think anymore. i rode a few days ago in soft boots after a couple of months in hard boots and the soft boots were terrible.

    and i have modded my bd primes to be incredibly soft, taking off the “triax” frame, cutting down the upper cuff, removing the power strap and cutting slits into the lower shell. i would say the flex rating on them has gone from 110 to “not applicable”. i think sidewinders could solve my highback issue though.

    this should be in a different thread…


    Hey guys, I’ve got a couple of (reasonably mellow so far) missions under my belt here in NZ in the Fitwells. So far I am LOVING them. Everything I’ve been wanting in a splitboarding boot, and the fact that this is Fitwell’s first offering shows great promise in my opinion. Anyway, I wrote up a review for Rich at Splitn2 (who I purchased my boots from here in NZ). I figure I might as well link to that review, assuming that is ok by the board rules, here it is!

    The review is pretty long, ha, but when you go from writing a thesis to a job where the most writing is a few emails per day, something’s gotta give! And I figure that if people looking at these boots are anything like me, they’ll want the full low-down!


    thanks jimw for bringing the boot to further for us to see.

    great review – tr-nz

    looks like a great boot, but i’m wondering about the rockered sole and how that may affect performance in a binding.

    tr-nz’s review covers this issue and said is was a non-issue.

    Any additional feedback?

    Although kinda heavy IMO, they appear burly and looks like they could kick super good. I’d consider getting these as a quiver boot, mostly because I don’t think I’d need that burly of a boot until spring or when I know I’ll be doing a ton of mixed climbing, rock hiking, or climbing steep hard snow.


    It’s a quiver boot for sure. I’m not gonna thrash mine riding resort or skinning perfect pow if I don’t have to. I want them to last. The outer shell is built like a brick shit house and should last for years even with heavy use. I’ll probably get some intuitions to replace the malamute liners I have in them now when I wear those out. I still have yet to ride mine so can’t offer any other feedback other than I’m super excited to use them. I think these boots are a game changer :rock:


    For christ sakes, BGnight post some god damn photos of your boots you SLACKER!!



    ^^^ can’t wait for the first TR using those!

    165 Venture Divide/Spark Frankenburners/La Sportiva Spantiks
    163W Jones Solution/Phantom Alphas/Dynafit TLT5s
    162 Furberg



    ^^ 😆

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    ^ How is the coordinated and precise transfer of power through triple extension of the hip, knee and ankle with those things? Its seems like athletic performance would be off the fuckin charts with those things, think truly progressive [snowboarding].



    :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool:

    Dude you just made my friday. Thanks homie!

    Those can go from a sick summit line to up in da club, no problem.


    The Backcountry is the only boot I’ve ridden since I got them. That includes fanging around inbounds, and even the odd park lap. They charge just as hard on my solid set up as they do on the splitty. This is where they come into their own:

    It’s nice to feel solid on airy, exposed ridge traverses like this (shot from NZ Splitfest at Temple Basin, en-route to a tasty chute adjacent to Mt Temple). To get to this ridge, we climbed a nice, reasonably steep gully. I was last up (and left my crampons behind) so had to deal with a fair bit of very hard scraped off rain crust, real foot swinging country, the backcountry excels at this sort of stuff.

    Rich is running intuition liners in his, looks like a great set up, though I’m happy with the stock liners for now.

    Haven’t had them out for a while unfortunately, thanks to a fast slide down an icy spring chute (rag doll over three sets of rocks and shredded pants), that left me with a hematoma way too close to my nuts… followed by 3 straight weekends of shit house weather, despite a pretty decent spring snow pack in my neck of the woods.


    haha, fuck, massive photo, sorry…


    Who is selling Fitwell Backcountry boots in the U.S.A. ????


    @Powder_Rider wrote:

    Who is selling Fitwell Backcountry boots in the U.S.A. ????

    I contacted Fitwell last week and here’s what they said.

    Hi Hans,
    at the moment we don’t have any resellers in the USA.
    But in New Zealand we have Richard that could help you
    Please contact him on
    Best regards

    Annalisa Gaio
    Fitwell SRL
    Pederobba (tv) ITALY

    I have not bothered to tally the shipping costs stateside (if available) from the EU (€350 ≈ $457USD if you can find it in your size) vs NZ ($750NZ ≈ $612USD). It’s still too rich for my blood.

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    It’d be worth hitting Rich up

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