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    I need to purchase skins for a splitboard. my board is a DIY with Voile setup. I’m wondering if anyone have fitted splitboard with ‘Black Diamond Ascension Nylon STS’? rather then buying the ones ready from Voile.

    I have a good deal on a 140mm skins and I can actually save more then $50 compare to the voile set. I seem to recall a quick snapshot in the movie “Deeper” where someone was fitting (cutting and all) new skins onto their board. It doesn’t seem like a big deal to do. but is there anything I need to watch for?

    Thanks in advance.

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    You need to cut off and refix the tip connectors on the right angle as the ski angle wont work with a split. But defiantly doable. I used the g3 skins like this before the splitboard version came out.

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    The shot in deeper is just trimming new tractor skins. Even if you buy the regular splitboard tractor skins from voile you still neeed to do that at least. You just won’t have to re-rig the tip clip.

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    Thanks for the info guys. I figured that I’ll need to adjust the angle on the tips and do some trimming.
    Should I get a trimmer from BD or would any exacto knife would do?

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    I cut my skins just like the picture at the bottom…

    You need to drill out the aluminum rivets on the tail piece and re-cut and re-rivet, that paired with the G3 twin tip connectors you get a super solid setup!

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    I never liked the BD tail clips on my splitboard- the G3 clips can be added for a nice setup, or you can buy tail clips from that work like the old Burton splitboard skins, which are a little more adaptable if you have more than one board to fit them on.


    We use BD skins all the time, they are very easy to fit. Start with installing the nose loop first:

    -place nose loop is approximate position and install skin centered on the ski

    -mark on the skin where the mounting portion of the tip clip contacts the skin, it will be at an angle. If you just put a dot on each side of the slot for the skin, when you pull the nose clip off, and draw a line across the 2 dots

    – cut the skin along the line you drew, and install the nose clip and screws. You can just slide the clip onto the skin, and push the screws with your hand, and tighten with a screwdriver. Use a pair of pliers to break off the extra portion of the screw that sticks out. Refer to the instructions to see which side of the screw should touch the base, we recommend putting the screw heads touching the base.

    -re-install the skin starting with the nose clip and again centering the skin on the ski. Now trim the skins. I prefer the G3 skin cutter that is already offset to cut just past the edge. With this tool, you just run the tool down the full length of the skin, starting at the nose, all the way to the tail on both sides.

    -cut off the tail at the desired point. Personally I don’t use tail clips so I chop the skin off just past where the binding sits on the board. If you intend to install tail clips, I would suggest cutting just past the contact point

    If you get stuck anywhere, feel free to call!

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