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    Saw these the other day, I think it could be a great boot for hardboot splitting.

    It looks very, very similar to old snowboarding hardboots of yesteryear.

    The ski/walk mode is extremely simple and could be modified to have forward flex only limited by the stiffness of the plastic.

    Vacuum fit should allow it to fit a wide variety of foot shapes.

    Seems to be a hefty amount of closeout boots available for 300-400$.

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    Holy fuck does Fischer have an annoying website, it’s like trying to buy tires in French. Just list the goddamn products.

    That was Pontus

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    ^ Ou apprendre le français.

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    I wonder if the cuff can also be heat molded to fine-tune and optimize forward lean in ski mode. If so, that’s a pretty attractive feature.


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    Ou apprendre le français.

    Heh, know enough to survive both sides of this country. Even in English it’s a mess.

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    Anyone try these out?

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    I got a deal so I’m giving these a go.

    Previous experience, boots: Scarpa F3, Dynafit One, Fischer Travers. Bindings: F2 Carve on voile plates, Phantom second gen.

    I have a short and wide foot (255-260mm by 105-110mm sitting down) and have had a hard time finding boot. F3s were comfortable, but the flexy bulge kindof defeat the whole purpose.

    Thoughts on the Transalp so far:
    – a little heavy at 1550gr.
    – a little long on the BSL. Size 265 are 303mm. In comparison the Dynafit One measures 297mm in size 270.
    – forward flex promising without modifications, as cristoph pointed out.
    – Cuff looks to be bolted on making other modifications to the shell more accessible (saves drilling out rivets).
    – rearward travel of the cuff is limited by the design of the boot, and it should be pretty straightforward to customise the stop with a “magic cube” or similar if necessary.

    Beeing a beefier boot, I am hoping these will work buckled up in walk mode without messing with any kind of ride-mode mechanism. I know some are running the Fischer Travers in walk mode. I tried that too, but they offer no rearward support at all, and the cuff did not stop against the boot in the same way. Fun in a surfy kind of way, but limits what you can safely ride.

    In my Ones I removed the metal slot in the locking mech and thereby opened up the rearward travel so that I could stand upright (straight knees), the forward I opened up so much that it hit the little tabs in the shell – and could have gone further. Problem with the Ones is pain pain pain and cold.

    More to follow.

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    So I am currently using these boots, but with mixed results.

    Only did one mod, which was to file down the forward lean catch, and shorten it a little for the rearward lean. Works prett good and I am in a comfy riding position utilising the flex of the boot on the toeside, and lean nicely on the “highback” in heel side. Tinkering with my own mechanism, which will be pretty simply/easy due to the design of the boot.

    The boot is a little on the stiff side for us boarders, but I am not willing to mod it further. Keeping it as a skiboot, which is nice to have.

    The vacuum fit is not a great as it sounds at first. No problems with my wide forefoot, which was my main motivation, but the result is a loose fitting boot with quite a bit of heel lift. Have had to seriously pad it out around the feel to compensate.

    Touring is not fantastic, but it is very good in the area we normally want hardboots for, namely edging on icy traverses. Not done extensive testing yet, but first impressions very good even with cuff open.

    To sum it:
    – BSL long
    – Weight, heavy
    – Touring, limited range of motion
    – Comfort, good.
    – Warmth, good.
    – Riding, heel lift issues.
    – Quality components and liner
    – Beafy/solid
    – Pricey boot + extra cost of customising/fitting.

    I am happy riding and touring these boots, but knowing what I know now, I wouldn’t go down the same route again unless my feet were seriously deformed and difficult.

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