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    Well, okay, so this isn’t a true, official splitboard TR, nor was the riding anything to write home about. However, this is the first inkling of the madness to come, so stay tuned……

    Now, let’ just hope that some of the snow sticks around.

    Last saturday, temps were 80 degrees, it was sunny, and snowboarding was the last thing on my mind. Little did I know, the next morning I would wake up with a dusting of white in my yard and Sacagawea looking like this:

    Skeptical, I wrote the meager snowfall off as a fluke and went on with my daily activities. In bed that night, rain fell cold and hard, continuing into the next day with unusual vigor. The same story played out on Tuesday, with flurries occasionally softening the downpour as I was thoroughly soaked biking around town.

    Going about my usual snow data checks yesterday evening, I clicked on the Brackett Creek link and….. low and behold there was 16″ of new at 6 pm! Instantly excited, I phoned the crew as quickly as possible, succeeding in dragging splitchick and her friend into the fray.

    This morning, with another inch or two on the ground in town, excitement could barely be contained until our liftoff time of 3 pm. The hours dragged on as the snowy hills became unveiled, and I was tempted to make an early run for the hills. But no, I bided my time, and at last we were zooming out on the fairy lake road.

    Well, to cut it short, we postholed a bunch, met up with an acquaintance at the top of our run, and enjoyed a variable, thin, but snowy run to the bottom. Solid boards were used to minimize damage to the splits. Splitchick managed to wipe it a few times, and her puppy was thrashed by the abrasive snow. Derek (her friend) and I enjoyed our few turns, hopping over logs, bonking rocks and trying to stay above the crust.

    Splitchick in action

    Overall, despite the marginal conditions, we were super stoked. Troubles were forgotten, and smiles spread across our faces – gigantic grins out of place in the daily grind. I am completely stoked. May the snow fall yet again! La neige tombera![/list]

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