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    hi all! long time boarder, newbie to the split scene.

    well last night i split my first board a 159 Wide Lamar Tahoe Series kevin jones. i cut her with a skill saw and no fence, so free hand. obviously the cut isnt’ straight as an arrow, it wiggles back and forth VERY SLIGHTLY, nothing major. i assume it doesn’t matter due to the fact that once they go together the uneven parts match up.

    what i wanted to do was sand the sides down reall smooth and what not but worried about having a gap once the splits go together. this cause any problems?

    i’ve done extensive searching on the site about the DIY kits but haven’t read much on actual cutting of the boards, anyone have any tricks?? i was thinking of using the table saw but due to the tip and tail not being exact same widths it would take some tweaking to get it jigg’d up right.


    thanks all!

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    Nice work cut that old board, you’ll love splitboarding its the best way to get your backcountry.Dont worry about slight gaps go ahead and lightly sand the new edge.I found if you clamp your board with a bar type clamp while your doing your hooks and pucks you should have a tight fit.After a while your board will loosen up in the tip and tails I’ve experimented with ways to get them tighter. Ive cut 5 boards and my best one I cut with a nice handsaw,it allowed me to go real slow and straight.Now yu need to finish up and head to Berthoud or Loveland pass and beat all the tele fags up and down the mountain. Good luck Matty B

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    haha yea i’ve actually got a couple snowmobiles that get me to some pretty sweeeeeeeet stuff. but still could use the split board while on those as well as getting to many places i can’t take the sleds.

    never thought about trying the hand saw…..hmmm

    thanks for that tip on clamping the 2 together when adding the hooks and pucks.



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