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    Hey everyone,

    I’m just about to make the purchase on my first split board and I was wondering if anyone could offer some insight. I am 6’3″ and 205lbs. I’m looking in to getting a Burton Land Lord Split in a 168cm and I was wondering if that would be way too big? I have checked the board out on several occasions in the shop and it seems manageable but if anyone has any first hand experience with that particular size or board I would love to hear it!

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    Welcome to split boarding! At your weight and the addition of a 10lb+ pack, you’d probably be better off on the 168cm. What you also need to be concerned about is your boot size relationship. The Landlord 168 is 26.1cm wide (waist) which depending on your stance angles, the biggest boot this ideally accommodates is a size 11.5-12 max.
    You could get away with the 163cm at 205, but you’re at the top of the recommended weight range. However the smaller board would be nicer for tree riding and touring, so it may be worth the added flex as a tradeoff. If there’s a Burton demo center or dealer near you, I’d try to the demo the board first. I know the 168 is no longer in production, so try the 163 and see how it feels.

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    There’s a pretty good consensus around places with good snow that for regular freeriding and not much of a freestyle emphasis that at 205 you want a 172, 175 or bigger that is pretty wide. So I wouldn’t sweat a 168 at all even if you are in a lower or less consistent snow area.

    I agree to watch the waist width also. In fact, if you have size 11’s or bigger feet, a 27 or 27.5cm board that is 165 will carry your weight better than a 168 by 26. But there aren’t many boards that are 27 wide that aren’t real short, Furberg, Venture and Donek come to mind, K2 165 is at 26.7

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    I had the landlord 163 for a season. During that time I had friends ride it that normally would ride a 157. They did fine on it. I think the 168 will be perfect for you if you are set on that board. I am 6’2 and weigh 225 pounds. I feel that it rides a little shorter than the length.

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    Go big. And even better go with something made burly in North America, by a shredder for a shredder.

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    ^ Let me translate that for you. . . “Go buy a Venture.”

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