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    Z Clanton
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    Zach, these are beautiful! :headbang:

    Shark Snowsurf Chuna
    Voile V-Tail 170 BC
    Voile One Ninety Five
    Spark R&D Arc

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    So sick!

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    yeah zach!!! amazing as always. those teaser shots got me to click thru and it was well worth the extra effort (xtra clicks are sooooo difficult! 🙄 😕 :scratch: )

    looks like you found some really great conditions up there in the PNW and i hope you will share more with us, if there is more to share.

    some comments on your work —-> you do a great job with the composition and also (i assume) post production work. i like the different the different textures and lighting in your shots. also riding shots are top notch – great job capturing the action. the snow cave looks especially sweet, that must have taken some work to carve out.

    also, i like to see when people from one area go somewhere else. it is interesting to see their perspective on that zone. looks like you are enjoying the different surroundings and are maybe inspired to go check out more places? it has always been a goal of mine to broaden my horizons away from my home range.

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    …may be my favorite snowboarding image of all time. It is just heavy with vibe. Wow.

    Beautiful work, Zach.


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    Z Dawg, you have AMAZING photographic talent. Big things are in store for you my friend!

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    That’s a tite snow abode!!

    Great pics. I love the non snow ones as well.

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    You are quite the fotograffer sir :thumpsup:

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    Yeah, really great shots! Looks like you had a great trip out here.

    spruce cabin
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    Wow! Wow! Wow! Amazing photos!

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    Oh yesssss Zach.

    I hate to reveal all of your secrets, but I felt this one belonged linked here. Yes people, click through to Zach’s blog, there is much more like this where it came from!

    I just love the contrasting themes played out here, very well captured. Digging seeing the progress you’ve been making in riding, shooting, and editing the last couple of years!

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    nice work, those pillow line shots are sick!!

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    Bumpin it to 2 pages in respect for the killer shots.

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