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    Well, this is my first “real” bc season where I have totally shunned the resorts. However, Monday (president’s day) was my birthday, and you get a free lift ticket at Stevens Pass on your birthday, so I thought, why not? It hadn’t snowed in over a week and had been pretty cold for Washington standards. It was my first time at Stevens (I really don’t get out from Baker much), but unfortunately there was not much more to be had than groomers. Icy groomers inbounds inbounds sure get you to appreciate “crappyâ€Â

    Jon Dahl
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    Hey Jack, I can loan you my Voile Mtn. bindings if you need, after you get some slider tracks, or do you use soft boots?

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    Sorry man. That really sucks. Not a very nice birthday present at all. One more reason for the resort boycott list.

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    Man that totally sucks. Happy friggin’ birthday. Do you have a picture of the board? If you post a pic here and the other usual forums maybe some other PNW’ers can keep an eye out. Do you happen to have the serial number? I have actually heard of cases where knowing the serial number has resulted in a stolen board getting recovered (guy saw some other dude with his board, and the other dude brashly claimed it was his, but the guy knew the serial number and had reported it stolen).

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    Sorry to hear of you misfortune. I cashed in my b day ticket a few weeks ago as well, luckly no theft on our trip. people blow ass, eh?

    Jimw is right on w/ the serial number mention. I have a Fireproof safe in my garage w/ paper copies as well as burned disc w/ all my assets and serial numbers for items that have em. In case of insurance claim. My buddy had similar bad luck and was able to claim it on his home owners as loss. The Ins. goons look much more kindly upon this kind of thing if you have been proactive about preventing/documenting as much as possible.

    P.S. post your misfortune over on TAY as well, never hurts.

    Also I am interesed in being shown round baker B/C someday soon if you would like to get together in the next few weeks, now that its snowing again…. Hat damn we need the snow!

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    thanks for the sympathy guys, the silver lining is i am just happy to be competey done with the resort thing.

    thanks for the offer john, but i ride soft boots.

    topher, i need a partner for this sunday if your interested, should be pretty deep this weekend.

    as for the serial number, the security people said that if i had it, there would be a much better chance of recovery too, because it goes into a national database. well, who the heck writes that down?. so i learned the hard way for you guys–write down that serial # somewhere, you never know!

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    Same thing happend to me at alpental a couple of years back. My girlfriend and I went in to use the bathroom and not 5 minutes later our boards were gone. There are fuckers everywhere. Happy Birthday though.

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    Jack, a belated Happy Birthday.

    Hope it gets better.
    Your thoughts on how riding resorts sucks reminded me of an article in Off-Piste where the resort was compared to the shopping mall.

    This is just one more reason to avoid them.

    thanks to the rest of you guys for the reminders about the serial numbers…i’ve got mine noted down now.


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    sorry jack, but karma will get’em(not karma surf). when i was 18 a friend of mine ripped off a board and broke his femur two weeks later. the way it should be 👿
    100%bc, karma’s already treating you good.

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    Yeah, sorry to hear that Jack. The whole resort experience gets worse every year.

    I was in the BC across from Alta a few years back with some local friends. I left my resort board in the car, and somebody broke in, stole it, and stole $2k worth of my buddy’s camera equipment (it was a white-out day). My tele friend’s first reaction: “F-ing snowboarders stole my stuff!” WTF? 🙄

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    What board was ripped off. Describe it, and I’ll keep an eye out for it?

    You ride plates, right?

    Should not be too hard to spot. Not a lot of plate riders out here.

    Scott from Seattle

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    I soo hear your pain!! My board was stolen from the pass Sat night! Best was a cheap-o Vision 154 (blue). The bindings were worth more than the board.

    Anyways…because it was forced me to put bindings on my split and give it a try. WHOLEY CRAP!! That board is heavy, big, and FAST!! It freak’in fly’s!! I was having such a hard time keeping it in control and turning it!! My legs were fried after 3 hours!!

    I LOVE IT THOUGH!! I’m sure once i get used to riding a bigger board (went to a 166 from a 154) it’ll be easier..but man…it was a lot of work!!

    Anyways…snowboard thiefs SUCK!! Why do they have to ruin everyones fun?? Sux times 10 that it happened on your birthday. that I’m new to this back country gig…wheres a good place to start? In the PNW? a “beginners” run so to say!!

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