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    Archie McPhee
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    I found a great deal on a pair of Blazes and LT brackets, and couldn’t resist taking the plunge. I had demoed a pair of Sparks and figured the change was inevitable. I replaced a twelve year-old pair of Sims Master Link aluminum-base bindings on the Voile hardware I’d been using.

    Just in holding a Blaze in one hand and a Sims with the track in the other, I was a bit astonished, and reckoned the difference was about a full pound. I was damned close – I went to the grocery and availed myself of a digital scale: Blaze = 1.73# and Sims/Voile = 2.65#. With the swap to the LT, I indeed saved at least a pound per foot.

    After I mounted everything on, the board felt absolutely featherweight in comparison.

    Can’t wait to get out and check it out. Thanks to Will and Jeff at Spark R&D!

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    Just wait till you ride them. The difference is mind blowing. :mrgreen:

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    just did the same and got out for my first day on them yesterday. Noticeably lighter, for sure. The forward lean adjust is nice as well–zero forward lean for climbing that is–but kept forgetting to adjust upon transition. ha.

    Archie McPhee
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    Yeah, I forgot to mention that. The Sims have an Allen screw to make adjustments – a royal pain in the ass!

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