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    Having spent the last 3 weeks trying to regain goodboy status on the homefront I got permission to make 1 more BC trek. I figured I’d have an easy day & get to hit this couloir I’ve wanted to do for a couple of years now. Theres a jeep trail that goes almost to the base of the back side of this couloir & I could easily make 3 or 4 runs if the snow was good. Well my “easy” concept was crushed by 1 snowdrift about 4′ deep still & only ~ 30 yards long. I wasn’t going to let that get me so I decided to hike the ~ 8 miles remaining. The view from my starting point – the objective is the couloir farthest to the lookers left.

    Rather than take the ridgeline around to the mtn I decided to make a shortcut down through the canyon between. It maybe saved a mile of travel but cost me ~ 2800′ of downhill bushwack and ~3100′ of uphill vert on the other side. The 1st few miles went like this

    Finally I gained the summit above the couloir & was rewarded with this

    Since I was solo I only have this as my run down.

    After hiking out & taking the ridgeline route back to the pickup I finally made it home ~ 8:30. So much for the 4:00 arrival I’d told my wife to expect. I guess its back to projects for me next weekend 🙄

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    Ha, funny TR.

    I can relate all too well…both on the family aspect and road closures due to one or two impassable drifts.

    I bet those turns and being in the mtns was worth it though! :thatrocks:

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    Still riding in Montana!

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    ^ trying the lines are getting tougher to come by for sure.

    ^^ Was well worth it – just wish I’d had the energy to hit it 3 or 4 times

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