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    el diablo
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    This was a Turnigan Pass day run with my brother. The snow was set up with about 2 inches of fresh snow on top. Wasn’t expecting any hidden powder areas, mostly out for the tour.

    Looking up a valley we were touring into…

    One o’clock and the sun was just getting over the ridge to give some warmth…

    Looking down into the sea of fog that we ascended from…

    Looking out above the fog and across the pass…

    Skinning up an increasingly slippery slope…

    Another shot of a gaseous ocean…

    Getting ready for some descent in the sun…

    Looking out across the fog once more before some darkness…

    Down in the thick of it…

    I was great above the fog, but once we got into that layer again it was really disorienting. I couldn’t turn sometimes cause I could tell what kind of slope we were on and really had trouble knowing which way we were going. Mostly we just followed some skin tracks through the tough stuff. I had to stay pretty loose and be ready to absorb any kind of whoops that came up. And then when we got below it was clear with the over cast. It was a pleasent trip.

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    @el diablo wrote:

    Looking out above the fog and across the pass…

    I like that shot.
    Thanks for sharing

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    Dear Alaska,

    Please send via express post a job offer and long term resident visa for your fine state.

    Thank you and best regards,
    a foriegner who likes snow on big mountains and lots of space.

    Does the the entire American snow-fan population migrate there each spring? If not, why not???

    (Thanks for the pics.)

    el diablo
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    Well I can’t say much for jobs, housing is definitely more expensive up here.

    The ski resort that we have up here is pretty much a rip off. Rarely more than half the mountain is open, it’s over priced, there isn’t many challenging runs, powder days are held hostage, it is over crowded making it very dangerous, there is no backcountry available from it, and I don’t like it. I may get some flac for that, but that is pretty much what it is (

    If you have the time and resources up here, you could have the best backcountry skiing of almost anywhere. As a working college student, I don’t so I will settle for the weekends that I can get. There are tons of places to try out and worth exploring up here, I am not really sure why there aren’t more resorts.

    I know that there are some more people that post on Telemark Tips that may have more to say. The best way to find out is from first hand experience. You can find more info and links at

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    Forget the resorts man. Never say the R word again. They are largely irrelevant in the mountain equation and usually really shit. It only takes approx 4 hours to skin up 1500m (4500ft) and enjoy your descent all the way back to the valley as fast or slow as you like. Good day out, no resort needed, make and live by your own path and rules.

    I hear you about limited resources as a student. It gets better when you start full time work: plenty of cash but stuff all time.

    Either way, get into it any way you can. Make the most of what there is. Right now in these parts I am struggling with anxiety, waiting for the weekend as I watch the temps rocket and rain threaten to melt the preciously rare 20-30cm that fell in the last days.

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    wtf, I’m hurting my self looking at this forum. Too many sweet places. Too far from here …

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