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    Date: August 11-13, 2008

    Location: Desolation Wilderness, CA

    Weather: Sunny and warm

    Participants: haley, bcrider (dad)

    Gameplan: Father-Daughter memories

    Beta: see pics or ask

    Pics: bcrider, haley

    Tech Specs: Cameras – Canon G9 & 800IS, Edit Software – Aperture.

    Intro: Along the same lines as the annual Father-Son trips comes the first of the annual Father-Daughter trips. Haley has been backpacking since 6 or 7 but her older brother has always came along. This trip was all about her and she loved it. I have no doubt there will be more in the future. Here’s our pics. 🙂

    Haley learns about the wilderness zones and quota system.

    On the Echo Lake boat taxi Sierra likes the ride just as much as we do.

    Wilderness Boundary.

    One of our favorite lakes in Desolation is Tamarack Lake. It’s only a little over a mile from the boat dock and while it can see a good amount of day hikers, overnight campers usually continue on to Lake of the Woods or Aloha for more of a challenge. It’s lower elevation and granite shores make it great for swimming and there’s plenty of shade.

    On the peninsula our family calls Haley’s Point we get ready to rinse off the trail dirt.

    Haley knows the drill. 🙂

    Moonrise over Baldy and Mt. Ralston, both offer great winter lines.

    After setting up camp Haley colors and learns about butterflies in the tent.


    Our traditional 1st night meal, canned raviolis. Kinda heavy but well worth it.

    Nice evening color at this pretty little lake as usual.

    Moon over my hammy…errr…I mean Mt Ralston. (any suggestions to prevent the ring around the moon? Filter?)

    Dad doesn’t allow the kids to bring their video games on hikes but he’s a pushover when it comes to music and movies.

    The next morning I woke up early to catch first light on Mt. Ralston.

    Nice reflection.

    Time for breakfast.

    Haley likes her oatmeal thick while dad likes it in the drinkable form.

    Our plan for the day was to hike a couple miles up the trail to Lake Aloha, a first for Haley.

    Looking back to Tamarack.

    Haypress Meadow.

    Wild flowers along the trail.

    Haley and a big tree at the top of the pass.

    A short walk later and we’re at the dam on the shores of Lake Aloha.

    Girl power!

    Pretty scenic.

    Time for some lunch.

    Haley’s scenic, she enjoyed having her own camera and learned about composition and the macro setting.

    After Aloha we took a cross country route to Lake of the Woods. This is a view of the Crystal Range from an unnamed lake along the way.

    Lake of the Woods.

    At the traditional cliff jump spot on the northwest shores dad invents a new sport…backcountry sub-skating. 🙂 (method air)

    Haley finds something her size.

    The water was great, Haley and Coda.

    Time for another.

    Round two for dad. A couple tenths of a second sooner on the shutter and I woulda be floating over Mt. Ralston with my feet on the board. Hard to complain though when I nine year old is shooting. 🙂


    After our jumps we worked our way along the east shore to the main trail.

    Looking back.

    The trail from LOTW to Haypress Meadow.

    Pyramid Peak with fireweed in the foreground.

    A nice size Pinedrop.

    Geranium (I think), a little out of focus but Haley took it so it made the cut.

    Cut-leaved daisy.

    Near the top of the pass.

    After a nice walk through a different section of Haypress Meadow from the beginning of the hike we make our way back down to to camp at Tamarack.

    Strong work Haley! (4-5 miles) :thatrocks:

    Another cool moonrise.

    The view from inside the tent.

    Camp at night.

    The next morning I couldn’t pass on more magic-hour scenics.

    Breakfast in the shade next to camp.

    The crew.

    Some locals through Haley’s eyes.

    Peachfuzz and Kanga.

    Haley, Coda, and Sierra.

    Morning shower and more bc sub-skating, indy air.

    Time to head home, bye-bye Tamarack.

    Fireweed in the shade along the shore almost as tall as Haley.

    Macro by Haley.

    One of my biggest pet-peeves…improperly disposed of toilet paper just a foot of the trail. Not sure if it’s ignorance or just plain laziness but if you’re going to pack TP out there it’s not that much harder to pack a sandwich baggie for the used stuff too! I’m seriously considering having some stickers or signs made up to slap on the trailhead signs. Something along the lines of “Please pack your used toilet paper out too……dumbasses!” Sorta aggressive so hopefully the marketing department will come up with something a little more neutral but still direct enough to get the point across.

    Almost back to the main trail.

    More Haley macros.

    Not sure what these are called but if you squish them in your fingertips they smell just like tomatoes.


    Dad and Coda.

    Haley shows off her first noticeable (barely) back-sweat at the dock.

    Time to rinse.

    Coda launches.

    Haley puts the snorkel and goggle to use and spies some baby trout under the dock.

    Our chariot shows up shortly after.

    I think she had fun.

    Back at the car Haley pulls a self portrait.

    Echo Chalet.

    Heidi says hi. (inside joke)

    Time for a cold beverage and some fat to eat at Strawberry Lodge, Hwy 50.

    Haley loves the oversized checkerboard.

    The lodge’s pet bear.

    And some of their trophies.

    There’s an old saying that “only a surfer knows the feeling” but after trips like this I can’t help but put my own spin on it and think “only a Dad knows the feeling”.

    What a great trip, I love you Haley! 🙂

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    Way To Go Pops! She will remember that trip even when she is 80 and we are long gone

    You using a point and shoot? Those pics are outrageous

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    Nice! – now just tell me your secret getting your teenage girl out there camping and schlepping a pack, with Dad only (even with Mom & Dad). I’m still trying to find ways to convince mine.

    @bcrider wrote:

    (any suggestions to prevent the ring around the moon? Filter?)

    most likely a filter will not prevent that, get a camera with interchangeable lenses and then use a pro lens with multi coating to prevent flare and ghosts. The more glass elements in a lens the more prone to ghosting and flares they are. Prime lenses (non zoom) are more resistant to that because of fewer glass elements VS zoom lenses. All modern lenses have multi coating but some zooms are not meant/designed for shooting into direct light sources. It’s kind of sience….blahblah…

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    Did she start as a little kid and lose interest or are you trying to spark interest now?

    I can understand if there is a decline in interest when Haley is a teen but I hope (and don’t think) it will happen. Same for Skyler.

    Starting them young is the key.

    Sky 9 years ago when he was 4. 8)

    You could always try a good old fashion bribe too with hopes that once she’s out there she enjoys it and wants to return. Good luck and thanks for the moon ring tips too!

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    She started early, had fun camping, hiking, rock climbing, snowboarding, etc…but when she turned 13, her world changed a bit — I guess teenagers do only what their friends do and with them together…So there is hope, because she still talks about all those things, but rarely goes with Mom or Dad…I am patient and I bet it will come back.

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    Awesome pictures as always. I’m guessing it was built prior to the designation of the wilderness area, but what’s with the dam?

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    Yes I think the wilderness was designated in 1962 and the dams were originally built around 1917. One of the local Irrigation districts operate Lake Aloha for Hydro power I believe. Surely some more info in google.

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    Nice! Props on taking Haley out there for some quality time. I’m gonna have to get one of your kids to guide me around Deso this winter!

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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