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    Kyle Miller

    After Completing my goal of summiting the Volcanoes I decided it was time to take advantage of summer.
    Ive been taking massive amounts of trips into the Northern side of Mt Rainier trading in the snowboard for hiking shoes so enjoy the Photos

    The first hike is The Northern loop of the Wonderland Trail where Scott and myself Hiked from Mowich lake to Windy Gap to check out Mid winter possibilities
    (26 miles roundtrip)

    Sluikin Mountain from Windy Gap Elevation 7026

    A Random lake infested with Musquitos at Windy Gap

    The Yellowstone Cliffs off Tyee Peak

    The Southern Face of Mother Mountain

    Next is a trip we took out to Spray park for both Scott and Myself to get August turns and for Jill to come check out some amazing terrain

    Jill hiking in to Spray park with Mother Mountain in the Backround

    Scott Hiking the Scree fields to the base of the Flett Glacier

    This will be our ski run the Flett Glacier

    Jills first time on a Glacier with a moraine lake at the Glaciers toe

    Across the Carbon Glacier Valley is Moraine Park look at those possibilities for winter

    Jill at the base of Echo rock with the Russel Glacier and Willis Wall behind her

    Scott getting in his August turns on the Flett Headwall

    The Massive Liberty Ice Cap Glacier

    Scott and Myself Making turns down the flett Glacier

    Now its time to head back to camp

    This looks like a good spot for camp

    Sunrise over Sluikin Mountain

    One of the Craziest clouds Ive ever seen

    Sunrise over the Liberty Cap

    A Farewell photo for the trip of Scott and Myself

    The Next big trip was the wonderland trail from Longmire out to Mowich lake witch is the most aggressive part of the trail as you are constantly hiking up and down huge glacier carved valleys. My goal was to check out the terrain but the weather had other plans this weekend the freezing level was around 4’500 feet so we got snowed on.

    The first day we hiked from Longmire to Klapatche Park with few views of the Terrain
    A cool waterfall by Devils Dream Camp

    The Suspension bridge across Tahoma Creek

    Our first view of Glacier Island and the Sunset Ampitheater

    Tahoma Glacier all cracked up

    Now down the ridge and across to the next Valley

    A group of goats by Saint Andrews Lake

    Sunset to the West

    Sunset over Saint Andrews Lake

    Sunset over Tokaloo spire

    Then Sunset over Aurora lake

    That night we Bivied to a clear sky but by the next morning we were getting snowed on so we packed up our gear and got back on the trail.
    A bridge on the North Puyallap river

    Views were limited of the endless skiing possibilities

    After hiking awhile we took a break to pick some berries and ran across a local

    After a few pics we decided to part ways

    It started to piss rain so we got shelter at the Sunset park Ranger cabin and ran into this guy who wasnt prepared for rain

    after the rain let up we hiked down into the south Mowich river valley

    That night we found a old shelter at the Mowich river camp and slept good other then the rats running around inches from our faces

    The next morning me made the final 5 miles to mowich lake where we had a car waiting and of course perfect blue skys
    The Mowich face

    Starting saturday at 1 p.m. and ending monday at 11 a.m. we did over 30 miles in less then 48 hours

    A few weeks later I attempted to hike from the Carbon River Ranger station all the Way to Paradise which would finish the wonderland trail minus 10 miles next to the road.
    It was a early start at 11:30 PM so I could get a large distance out of the way and hopefully beat the rain in which I was wrong. So I hiked nonstop in the pouring rain on asteep graded trail that poured directly onto the Carbon Glacier which I couldn’t see because visability was less then 10 feet. After hiking nonstop for 6 hours I decided to take a nap at Mystic lake on the patrol cabins balcony but the trail leading to the cabin ended up at a dead end so I slept in the only shelter I could find, under a tree. A few hours later I woke up soaking wet and got on the trail as fast as I could go. It was still pouring down rain so I kept a fast pace for the last 12 miles all the way to sunrise where I persuaded Jenn to pick me up so I could dry out my gear to start the trail the next day. The next morning I made a semi early start at the wonderland trail but my ankle wasnt feeling right so I had to make the dicision to keep going and take the chance of damaging my ankle or turn around and try again at a later time I chose to turn around. Sorry no pics it was raining and dark almost the whole hike.

    My next trip I needed to make my September turns Andrea had wanted to joined me so I gave her a awesome introduction to Mount Rainier National Park
    The Sunrise over Rainier from Sun top

    Sunrise over the foothills

    The Sun cresting over the cascades

    Thank god for coffee

    Looking down towards 410

    Andrea and myself

    After that we drove out to Mowich lake to meet up with Scott and his friend and head out to Spray Park
    The birds loved Andrea with Mowich lake in the background

    Geared up and ready to go

    Rainiers NW side and the Mowich Headwall

    Spray Falls

    Admiring Rainiers Beauty

    Looking down into Mist Park

    Observation Rock and the Liberty Cap

    A close up of the liberty Cap glacier

    Myself Hiking with Yellowstone Cliffs in the Background

    Andrea with Spray park in the distance

    Coming back from riding to our basecamp

    Sunset over Hessong rock

    Tell me that isnt a advertisement going eith the whole cascade theme

    Sunset Over Rainier

    Sunset over mist Park

    Sunrise on Rainier

    Mother Mountain and the views from our tent

    Looking toward Moraine Park

    Rainier inbetween Echo and observation Rocks

    Andrea climbing a spire

    The Carbon and Russell Glaciers

    The Massive broken up Carbon Glacier

    Seattle in the Distance

    The willis Wall and Carbon Glacier

    Andrea standing on top of a huge cliff in Seattle Park with the Carbon Glacier below

    Looking at possible ski runs

    The Carbon and Russell Glaciers

    A slide ripping down Thermogenisis


    Wow! Quite the summer Kyle! :headbang:

    Sweet pics and Congrats on the Volcano quest!

    ps. Trips with two different lady friends…… stud! :mrgreen:


    Sweet dude. Putting in the miles! I made the same observation as BCRider :thatrocks: Watch out though, you could get a :poke: and then some serious :duel:

    I’ve never seen a birds be that friendly, did she have food?

    Right on.


    Nice …. so you still want to ride Thermogenesis?

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