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    Recently upgraded my beacon from a Pieps Freeride to a tracker2. done a couple of searches inside my apartment with the freeride in send.and the multiple burial light goes on every time in the fine search phase. it only does so for a few seconds.

    I have read that this is a problem searching for analog beacons, but the freeride is supposed to be digital? (one antenna) should i just stick with the tracker or return it?

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    The tracker2 seemed to perform better outdoors 😉 No more false burials.

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    They are not supposed to be used around electronics, i believe its in the manual, even cellphones/radios can throw them off, something in your house may have the same or close frequency which causes it to detect it.

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    Also, depending on how long that tracker was on the shelf, it probably needs to be updated. You can send to BCA for free software update and testing.

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    Here’s a relevant article about electronics and beacon use. Long story short, turn off your cell phone and iPod.

    *edit as I didn’t realize I didn’t post the link sorry*

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    Its got the latest software update. Its also real fast,and the distance readings is spot on with no spikes in the fine search phase (the freeride is bad at that) interrestingly the freeride which also got a multiple burial indicator doesnt pick up more than one “beacon” when used indoors.

    I tested it a couple of more times indoors with the cellphone next to it both turned on and off. the multiple light went on regardless. think my notebook were on in the room. anyway its only gonna be used outdoors.. will actually try a search outside with my cellphone close to the beacon.

    Update : Placed the beacon and my cell outdoors. The tracker2 had no problems. will stick with it.

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    I am vigilant about getting partners to turn off there phones. Indoors or out my tracker 2 is affected by phones. Airplane mode doesn’t work either.

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