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    i called up Chancypants the other nite and he had word that there was a SelkirkTangiers heli out in Albert Canyon, it was gonna be making an empty flite first thing in the morning if we couldnt fill it…..
    ‘helicopters are for sissys’ i told Joey, ‘im not goin’
    Chancy called me back, ‘cmon lets do it’
    he knows bout my rubber arm… ‘alrite im in’
    we met Joey n Dave at the Modern in the morning and drove out to the canyon. there was some morning fog and the pilot didnt want to fly, but a quik call to the Top Dog at Selkirk Lodge confirmed it was all good up high.

    we got dropped on the glacier east of Faith, just outside the Glacier Park boundry.

    a quik up to the summit and we scored a nice 1000’+ shot of sweet cold pow

    photo Joey Vosburgh

    then another eezy up onto Charity

    another quik shred to the flats and we were back up to Hope

    ‘that was the eezy part’ Dave said, but we still had almost 7000′ of sick pow on a NE aspect before we got to the hard part…

    photo Joey V

    jibber Joey V

    That put us deep in the Fish…. and ‘what goes down…..’ we headed up Bain Brook, tho it could be called bane brook

    photo Joey V

    Dave is quite the animal, busted track almost the whole day, and the 6000’+up to Patience was pretty full on, especially getting up out of the Bain… the views back to the 3 peaks we hit in the morning were pretty stellar tho

    we topped out on Patience as the sun was setting, used the cell reception to tell anyone who cared that we would be late, and dropped north to hit Flat Creek Pass

    and out Flat Creek in crusty refrozen (fast and terrifying), split skiing and side stepping, to the Bostock trailhead where Danielle came out to pick us up, whatta girl, thanks D!
    not bad for a bunch of sissys, and Dave!

    never summer snowboards
    phantom splitboard bindings
    dynafit touring
    atomic boots

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    thanks for that Karkis. looks like a fun day out.

    Kyle Miller
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    Was checking this out earlier today.

    Nice work as always!

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    Gotta love the cell reception in rogers pass…

    sweet trip!

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