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    Hi splitboarders! I’ve been reading all those reports for a couple of weeks, i just can’t believe how many cool touring places there are out there….
    Here’s my little report with photos for fairy meadows hut which is a 20 minutes heli flight from a heliport near Golden, BC…
    First ever heli ride, first ever hut trip out west, no first real glacier splitboarding though!!!
    They kind of made a ‘seat sale’ beginning of january so we ended a group of 2 canadians + 8 from USA and the other group of ten were guys from Matchsticks Productions…pretty cool to see those pros dropping big cliffs/riding crazy pillow lines between trees…and realy friendly people too…great hut mood!
    A lot of snow almost every day combined with already sketchy avi conditions made for deep tree/treeline snowboarding but no big tour for all the week + 1 day we were there…

    Heli coming in…

    One of the few days we could see the peaks around…

    Cool hut with a big sleeping room for 20! No electricity, no cell/internet, no shower for a week, just touring and waking up in the middle of the selkirks….nice feeling…

    Fluffy cool snow!

    Cool sunrise…

    Example of why we didn’t go too much in the alpine….

    So super cool trip, awesome price, mellow mood in there made for an excellent first hut trip….now i just want to move out west and tour those glaciers during spring!


    Fairy Meadows is amazing. The terrain, the hut, the snow, the sauna. The Selkirks are one of the best mountain ranges is the world, and will impress anyone.


    Nice hut trip. Gotta love the Heli Ride too


    Sweet Nic. No pics of Hugo or HoJo huckin there meat?


    Haha, hey Dave!
    No skier photos on my camera…it’s a rule!!
    Just joking!!! Unfortunatly no pictures of them, they were kind of skiing in the same parts all day long and having long time between the takes….just saw some of the guys dropping cool chutes/cliffs just up to me but my camera was in the hut…doh! hope they have some fairy meadows footage on their next movie…just watched some videos on their last one…pretty awsome skiers/filming/direction so even for a snowboarder realy cool stuff to watch….hope snow is still cool in BC!


    The Selkirks, and Monashees ARE the best… hands down!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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