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    I’ve never owned a factory split, but have noticed the touring bracket is mounted well ahead of the balance point, does this effect the way they tour?

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    just observations. anyone feel free to debunk.

    with a forward mounted touring bracket, the tail is heavier and drops when you lift your foot to take the next step, helping the tip rise up out of the snow?

    also, too far back, and little tail will make you less centered. so when you are breaking trail in deep snow, the tail will sink more making it like you are always going at a slightly increased uphill angle…. just a little, but more noticable with pin tails.

    cons are skin, and no skin deproach skiing. side stepping is a little tougher. more tail makes it just a little harder to get them to smear around for you.

    Archie McPhee
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    Agreed. You’ve gotta have the brackets forward of balance to ensure the tips lift, otherwise skinning is impossible.

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    On splitboards, the touring bracket location is determined by the location of the inserts for the bindings in ride mode. The touring bracket is mounted at the toe of the boot, which puts it right behind the front binding so the foot will fit between the bindings locations. There is not much room to adjust its location. On most boards this puts more board behind the bracket than in front.

    It is coincidence rather than design, though the bracket would be in the same general area for each different board design, if board designers were free to put it where they wanted.

    I have toured with a 178 Voile Swallowtail and a 166 Spearhead which, if they don’t, are close to having more weight in front of the bracket than behind and I have not noticed any issues skinning with them in powder. Next year’s Hovercraft split also likely has more board in front of the bracket than behind and I expect it also tours just fine.

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    Pivot points are important. I was impressed with the guys at Voile (experience matters), they really focus on bracket placements. Placing the bracket up a bit would ensure the nose pops when breaking trail and kicking turns but like Ale said too far forward and side stepping and technicle skinning can be affected. So it really is a science to get it perfect and Voile seems to be on top of this. Little things like that matter and unless you’ve been in the game a while details like that will most likely get missed.

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    Thanks for the good information guys, really clears things up!

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