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    YO dude! Like soooo totally stoked ’bout your new forum. Can’t wait to post some righteous TR’s as soon an Ironman and I recover from being buried in an avy for 5 days while ripping it up down in the Antarctic.


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    Thanks Matt and welcome!

    Please contribute as you see fit. 🙂

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    Check me out, I’m side-slipping! 😈

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    I thought I’d been reading less of you, BCR, on other sites, so this is where you’ve been. Impressive work, Chris & Steele(& any one else:-)) it was worth the wait! I’m glad to see you had the skills and patience to create this site as a full-on, first-class, ready-to-rip split boarder’s paradise. Splitboard 101 is outstanding & a real resource for new splitters. Now i can quit badgering the good folks at Coul to do this& that for splitters. Thanks!

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    Great site. Did I read you right there Chris? Your heading up to our neck of the woods this year?

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    damn nice site! what a great new distraction from my day job. 😀

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    I think it’s about a 12-14 hr drive.

    If anyone is flying I should be able to pick a few folks up at the Sacramento airport. I live 45minutes from there and 60 miles from Tahoe”¦a little further over to the north shore and the CT lodge.

    Ps. Thanks for moving your post.

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    sweet website, just what I was looking for. Will start splitboarding this season in Japan, hope to post photos/trip reports as it happens.

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    Welcome Montoya! Can’t wait to see your TR’s.

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    BC & Steele,

    Sweet site! Looks great.

    I will be in touch to see if you can hosts some photos for me.


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    Good job BCR! Checked the site out last spring., seemed like it was in the “foundation” building stage (only a cover page). Glad to see it’s up and running!

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    nice work bcr…congrats and keep it up, bro 8)

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    BCR, you rock! Great job. ttips is starting to get too congested anyway. 🙂 I knew there was a reason I didn’t write up trip reports from a couple summer trips yet…

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    Damn, dude. I just logged the lone registered user and 22 guests. Congrats man. You filled an internet void.

    Thanks for all your work. What a resource!!!

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