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    dj barney
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    Way to go Chris! 😀

    Who else is here?

    BCR you rock Bro! 8)

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    Dude the secret is out!

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    glad you could make it dj!

    and thanks for all your help and fine work steeleman.


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    I’m in! This is and exciting for our sport…way to go guys! Thanks for your time and effort Bcrider and Steelman. 8)

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    I’m the above guest…thought I was logged in. 😆

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    what the heck mtnrider!

    you’ve never used an internet message board before?!

    just messin’

    WELCOME! 8)

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    hehe I thought I was logged in after I registered. I can totally see this web site causing problems with me getting my work done. 😈

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    my bad. i reset the forum so now you must be logged in to post. welcome mtnrider.

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    Is there directions anywhere that tell me how to put a picture under my handle? Steel, BCR? I’m jealous. Thanks…

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    1. Find the picture you want to use.
    2. Take it into a photo editing program and resize it to 80×80 or 100×100
    3. Save as jpeg
    4. Put the picture online, if you don’t have access to web space email me and I will host it.
    5. Go to the profile button at the top of the page
    6. Go to the bottom of the profile page, Avatar Control panel
    7. Put the image URL onto the link field.


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    Sweet! 😀

    Glad to see the site up and running, way to go Chris, great design Rich.

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    Hats off to you dudes at Just glanced over the site. Looks great so far.

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    Thanks everyone. and welcome cowboy — thanks to you for *really* getting it all started.

    this is just the beginning for the site. lots more content to come when we have some more time. and don’t forget that you guys can all help if you’ve got some info to share, stories to write, etc… check the submissions page.

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    AAHHH YEAH. I figured something was brewing. Congrats Chris and all who helped out.

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    Hi everyone! I’m glad I have found you. I hardly ever met another splitboarder, so I’m looking forward to sharing some thoughts and ideas and laughs!

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    Most excellent. Congrats and thanks to everyone who helped get this up and running.

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    Hola hommies! Buzz in the house now, oh shit!

    So how do these message boards work again? 🙄 :mrgreen:

    Be nice to see what I can learn here. Have not gone split yet, but I have a good feeling you all may help me with that. 😀

    Chris, thanks a ton man, this rocks!!

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    Right on cowboy! As steeleman said, none of this would be possible without your involvement with the splitboard. Thanks man! 8)

    Welcome mmcpheet and PJ!
    Special thanks mmcpheet for the use of your awesome photos. ❗

    Thanks for joining, we are stoked to have you. I used to have difficulty finding other splitboarders too but its getting easier and easier as our sport grows. I know you’ll find some soon too. Please feel free to join us in our English forum and don’t hesitate to communicate with other splitboarders in your native tongue in our International Forum here .

    ducktherope and buzz,
    Thanks a ton and welcome! I’ll be coming to Utah (and hopefully the PNW) this year so we’ll make sure to bring a demo split for you.

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    Hello new Split forum and new Split people! 😀

    This will be my first season splitting, still setting myself up with the gear.

    This site looks like it is going to be awesome!

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    So glad to see the site up, Chris. 😀

    It’s gonna be a great season!

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