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    Been contemplating a f-stop pack for the strickly photo missions.
    Anybody out there have feedback/advice on these products?

    Thanks in advance

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    They were hyping these in one of the snowboard magazine “gear guides”. Not that that’s necessarily worth much though ; )


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    I’ve been using a tilopa for the past year-plus for everything from resort shooting to splitting and mountain biking. Highly recommended if you can afford the big price tag. the internal frame hugs your body instead of bouncing around like a big block of weight, as with other ones i used before. Definitely the way to go if it’s in your budget.

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    Thanks for the feedback guys.

    I was able to try-on the Tilopa BC at a shop today. It’s in my future . . when the budget will allow.

    Thanks Again :thumpsup:

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    My profile photo was shot by none other than Mr. DLN himself in case anyone reading this needs testimony to his mad action sports photog’ing skills.


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    😀 Samh . . . you are too kind. Thanks for the plug. 😀

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    I have had a burton focus for the last couple of years and it is pretty good, not to mention a L-O-T cheaper.

    You can check out my review on

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    @dln wrote:

    Been contemplating a f-stop pack for the strickly photo missions.
    Anybody out there have feedback/advice on these products?

    Thanks in advance


    I can help you with some spam. The Tilopa BC works very well with your board on the back and in A-frame mode when your boot packing. We built the A-frame ski carry to be split and ski friendly. Its very secure in A-frame. One plus with rear access for camera gear is in both modes your camera gear is still accessible.

    All of our MTN packs have been shred tested and abused. The head developer (me) is splitter on most sunny days.

    The Loka, Tilopa BC and Satori EXP are all good to go but the Tilopa BC works better with its ski loops. The Loka is the most ride friendly bag with its lower profile. All bags have an exterior pocket that is good for skins as well as pole loops.

    If you need any details or images- feel free to ask. I can set it up to your request.

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    deeplikepow thanks for the response.

    On split photos missions I’m using carrying a fair amount of gear.
    Any specific features that accommodate avy gear? Shovel and probe.
    My camera gear usually consists of a Nikon D3, 70-200mm, & a 16mm fisheye. Should I be looking at the large ICU?

    Thanks again

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    For the avy gear- We use the laptop sleeve as a multi purpose sleeve. I usually put my probe down the side between the bag and ICU. We have taken some flak for this design, some folks want a dedicated exterior accessed avy pocket. I can understand that but our bag is not like that- for me its not a deal breaker- but ofcourse I am biased. The sleeve is in the inside. So if that is a must you should consider that. You have to open the top to get at your Avy gear.

    There is an exterior pocket but it will only works with smaller shovels and we do not suggest those- but if you do use one, the smaller shovels will fit. Generally that pocket is much better as a shell or down and skin pocket.

    For camera gear, I would suggest a Medium PRO. I can fit the Canon equivalent in a small PRO ICU. But Nikon is a touch longer. If you check the site under ICU’s there are a bunch of images of gear fittings in the ICU’s

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    I just picked up a Tilopa BC… only have a few days out with it but overall I’m pretty impressed.

    A few gripes, the board carry straps seem to be poorly placed – the reinforcement barely covers the edges of my board… wish they were an inch further apart or longer. Ski carry is bomber and plenty wide enough for a split ski.

    I’m not a fan of the internal avy tool system, I’d much prefer it if the outer pocket was large enough for a probe and shovel. Maybe throw a beefy shovel handle carry a la dakine on there, too…

    Haven’t tried attaching an ice axe but I’m not sure I’d trust the shock cord + single loop attachment, seems to me that an ice axe could slip out very easy.

    Multiple sizes would be rad too for us tall folk…

    Nikon body with 70-200 2.8 attached is too long for the small ICU, although the VRII is a little stubbier and may fit.

    My complaints are mostly minor, otherwise it’s a sick bag – it’s just easier to list the few things I don’t like rather than the many that I do. Definitely the most comfortable pack I’ve ever ridden with – camera bag or no.

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    Hey Andrew

    The axe system was designed with use of an optional accessory strap. We had some MOQ issues with that piece and have not released it.

    I have made another unofficial piece that is easy to mod into the GateKeeper loop…

    Send me our address via email ‘ian at’ and I’ll send it to you. It is simple enough that you could find the pieces at Escape Route, MEC or similar and cost you $1-$3.

    For a rough idea of how it works.

    It works similar to a tradition axe loop but has a tension adjustment. It has 3 pieces;
    1 short piece of shock cord(bungee)
    1 cord end
    1 cord lock

    Various companies make different pieces… I am pretty sure ER carries this kind of stuff but almost positive MEC does. Like I said I can ship you one but it will be heading from Japan and take a little longer.

    EDIT: a better idea might be just to reuse those same parts from an old bag. Most bags have those pieces somewhere on the bag.

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    Ha, I should have guessed… Another part of my split kit that needs a DIY fix. Also, board fits better with the shovel inside, but I still dislike the design. Outside pocket should be big enough for avy tools (and wet skins) on every pack, IMO

    The Dakine photo packs are too small to tour with. Used a Sequence for a couple years until the zipper blew out on me. If they made a Satori (or guide) sized sequence it’d be a sweet pack…

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    I use the tilopa bc.

    Depending on what size ICU you use, there is enough capacity for a full day in the BC with all associated split/camera gear. The small ICU’s can fit a body, 3 lenses and an TC if needed. I pack mine with a 5d, 50mm, 200mm, x2TC & Rok 14mm.

    They are expensive, but well worth the investment. The actual pack with no ICU is a bomber standalone backpack, with a waterproof lined bottom.

    If you travel a lot, as I do, they fit in every overhead bin, or below the seat in front of you. I have never had an issue with it not fitting in a plane cabin.

    F Stop is top notch.

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