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    I typically carry both a pair of googles that I wear only when riding in addition to a pair of sunglasses that I wear while skinning/climbing. In an effort to minimize the gear I’m carrying, I was considering changing to a pair of sunglasses that are sufficient for both. What is everyone here doing in terms of eyewear when they go out for a tour? Suggestions for a good pair of sunglasses that are adaptable to different lightning conditions and protect your eyes enough to not get teary-eyed when charging a line?

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    I always bring both. I brought sunglasses only on a shorter tour. I still managed to cartwheel and almost lose them, filled them up with snow, etc. I like touring with sunglasses and then riding with my helmet and goggles. I just store the goggles in the bag, either in my helmet inside my bag or just in the lid of my backpack. They don’t weigh that much. I could probably lose more weight reducing a beer can or two : )

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    I like the smith ballistic series glasses with the light rose tint. Its a good light color for riding on the shady north sides and they are durable and can be had in the $50 dollar range.

    oh and an easy guide: if you are over 40 you ride with glasses unless it is snowing or over the knee, If you are under 30 you wear goggles as much as possible and throw snow in your face at every opportunity. 🙂

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    Goggles aren’t likely to break and cut your face if you take a real good digger. Keep your sunglasses for the uptrack.

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