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    The Salomon riders weighed in on an earlier post, now I need the Burton rider’s help. I just picked up some of last seasons Ions, thermals, pretty much topline boot. I’ve been wearing them around the house tonight and my feet are feeling numbish but not unbearable or necessarily uncomfortable.

    It’s been awhile since I’ve had new boots and I’ve never had Burtons so I’m trying to remember how they should feel. Touring kills boots so I know these will gain volume but I also don’t want cold, numb feet if they are too small and they weren’t purchased at REI so I can’t return em once I ride em.

    What are your experiences? Are you buying true to size? Buying snug? I’m normally a 10 and bought a 10. Salomon Synapse was a 10 and have gotten pretty sloppy after 3 seasons of resort and BC.

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    As you said, you know that boots will pack out. I don’t think it matters whether you’re wearing Salomon or Burton softboots, it’s the fit that’s important.

    I ride Burton softboots (last season’s model – can’t remember the name). I run em’ about a size 1/2 small. Now that they are packed out, they are great. Still a little snug, but not painful or uncomfortable. But…..

    …when I took em’ out with my split board this season, I ended up losing the nail on my big toe 😥 Decending with snug boots is one thing, but skinning in snug boots is another issue! I have since gone back to my ‘more spacious’ Northwave boots and have had no problems since – ascending or descending. When skinning – especially with the riser bar up on a brief flat section or a small downhill – your toes will push forward to the front of the boot. If you don’t have enough room, you’re gonna feel before you reach the end of your tour.

    My two cents…..

    ~ Edubious

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    I’ve had 2 pairs of Ions develop a kink in the back right over my achilles. This was with both ’04 and ’05 models, each after one season of use. I think this mostly happened from climbing in the boots on Verts, i.e. I don’t think it would have been a problem with just skinning and descending. I think it’s just an issue with the design, where there’s that plastic tab that goes over the heel to add stiffness there, but it only goes partway up the back, and just above where it ends is where I got the kink both times. Also, the sole wasn’t particularly durable.

    I did like the feel of the boots though. They just didn’t seem particularly bomber for bc use. As far as sizing, I bought the size I normally use. I didn’t have any fit issues after breaking them in, and don’t recall ever having cold feet.

    I’m hoping the Driver X will work out better for bc use. YMMV.

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    hey man, i got new burton sapphires (top o’ the line women’s) boots last year. the first time i used them my feet were screamin’! but after touring in them this year they’ve totally molded to my feet and now i’m cruising in comfort. oh ya, i didn’t buy them snug, just my usual size. my feet are never cold.

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    Im riding the new Driver x’s, snug fit, no movement in the heel, but I have a “hot spot” on my right foot where the BOA lace system is embedded in the boot. They use a small plastic tube for the lace guide and that seems to land right on the top of my foot. Seem to be getting better . On a scale of 1-10 Id givem a 7 , now if they looked like cowboy boots and had a big red star on them Id wear them everywhere, even surfing


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    @patroller420 wrote:

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    You forgot the best one!

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