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    Yes, that is a lyric in a Janes Addiction song, but it’s not about music.

    More fuel for the fire! Here’s something I just saw on Ebay. I just thought it was an interesting angle to try to sell these things. 🙄

    The listing reads:

    You are looking at a pair of Custom modified K2 approach skis!

    -100cm ultralight design

    – G3 telemark heel climbing risers

    -Burton strap bindings (better than the stock bindings)

    -BD ascension skins

    Better than a heavy splitboard, climb with the board on your pack, ride down with the skis on your back while your splitboard buddies struggle with iced up parts…

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    Something tells me this guy is really just selling the approach skis so he can buy a splitboard.

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    I sold my Approach skis as soon as I got my Split. I absolutely hated having a board on my back on the way up and skis on my back banging into my head on the way down.

    And if you think a splitboard is tough/scary on steep icy traverses, try dinky Approach skis while carry a towering 180 Eldo on your pack.

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    yeah, then go jump off something with the approach skis on your back and they’ll crater the back of your head. been dizzy for three years due to approach skis partially through my skull 😈 just getting back to thinking straight since i got a split, well, sorta straight!

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    I realized how incompetent the K2 approach skis are Sunday evening.

    With 12-18″ of fresh snow I recruited a buddy for a quick run just up the road from the house. I broke trail to start, giving my buddy with the approach skis a break as he doesn’t get out that much and there was no skin track due to the storm.

    When his turn came to break trail on the last 1/4 of our climb, he was essentially post holing the K2’s with each step, slowing us to a crawl. I took back over after he struggled for about 20 yards. So I came to a conclusion: K2 approach skis stink in the pow. Whats the point when you can split it?


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    I don’t understand why anyone would get those skis w/a splitboard. The whole reason for the split is so you DON”T need to carry your board on your back. I agree w/bcrider, the dude just wants to get rid of his baggage and buy a split.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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