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    thinking of heading to the alps for a week /long weekend over the summer (around august) and wondered if anyone had any suggestions as to where would be good to go. i was thinking around the dachstein glacier but am open to any suggestions.


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    Are you going there for splitboarding?
    In August, the Dachstein glacier is mostly free of snow, and so are most other areas.

    Two summerski areas exist to my knowledge: Hintertuxer Gletscher (Austria) and the glacier next to Stilser Joch a.k.a. Stelvio (Italy).
    Oh, and I think in Zermatt there are possibilites as well.

    However I would rather suggest to choose a later time or to go mountainbiking, hiking or climbing instead.

    EDIT: If you would come here right now, there would still be a lot of possibilities in higher regions, especially in the Southern Alps. (Dolomites, for instance)


    Thanks Flo, yes, the idea would be to do a bit of camping and splitting. i’m not really looking to set the world alight with my ascent of peaks and descent of couloirs. i’m more interested in just doing a bit of skinning and riding in corn.

    if August is too late to do that when would you suggest? As i say it’s more about just being in the mountains and doing a few summer turns than anything else.

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    Well, right now would still be fine, however more snow is melting now from day to day.

    In early winter (from October on) one could basically ride snow on the glaciers again, however crevasses are an issue that soon in the season.

    Therefore my suggestion:
    – either go NOW,
    – or wait for December or January for powder touring, also in lower regions.
    – (or for March/April for corn)


    Thanks Flo, i can’t really go right now but it’s useful to know for next year or much later in the year. perhaps i’ll just enjoy the sun for now.


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    The terrain and weather in the Alps are quite different, hope this helps you a bit, let me know if you have any other questions.

    Here’s what I do to find powder, and what to look out for:

    In Prewinter go to the Glaciers in the alpine main ridge. Watch out for crevasses and 2nd snowfall.

    In early winter go to glaciers in the alpine main ridge and inner alpine valleys. Also go to alpine meadows right after a storm, these are grass and only need a little snow to be fun. Something like Voralberg or other lower ranges are a good example. Dangers are Gleitschneelawinen and 2nd snowfall, and rocks/sharks.

    Winter go to Alpine meadows or enjoy some treeruns in the lower mountain ranges. Higher in main alpine ridge will often be cold and windy now. Watch out for weak layers such as buried hail or surface hoar, wind and cold snow make this worse this time of the year.

    Late winter go to mid and high alpine along alpine main ridge, and inneralpine valleys. Get up early and watch out for rising temps during the day. Also buried hail and hoarfrost again.

    Spring is high alpine only unless you’re really lucky. Alpine main ridge. Dangers are crevasses and tagesgang (warming temps).

    Keep an eye on conditions and what the predominant directions of storms has been. Last winter was mostly south, so we go to Italy and southern Switzerland. Normally its also west (France) and north (Switzerland and Austria) a lot. If you book a flight to a central airport all these regions can be reached within a few hours driving, and it’s totally worth it to look for fresh snow if you come all the way to europe to splitboard.

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