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    Hi guys,

    I just decided to try splitboarding and I wanna buy entry level split . I found pretty good deals on Nitro Nomad and Volkl Xsight, but there’ re no either tests or reviews on the internet. Maybe some of you have any experience with those splits? Since there’s not always much powder around the place i live, i’d rather choose all mountain / freeride board than one just for powder days.

    I’d be very thankful if someone will share opinions or just help with a choice.

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    i’d rather choose all mountain / freeride board

    furberg freeride

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    Thanks for reply. I’ve heard Furberg is a quite good board. But in the price of it i can have whole set with bindings. That’s why i asked about these two boards.

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    Voile board and bindings. Their stuff is affordable, proven and their service is very good.

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    I own Völkl Xsight and its snowboard brother Alright. They are playfull powder boards with ebough camper to ride almost everything. Völkl cancelled their snowboarding manufacturing last year, so you can get a real bargain with Xsight. I’ve seen it sold with voile pucks and skins around 500 euros in Germany. Throw in Spark Arcs and you get your setup under 900 euros.

    You can find reviews from

    Völkl Xsight splitboard 2016-17

    If you don’t get enough powder days, I would recommend you to look another boards with wider turning radius. In powder and on your way to find powder the Xsight and Alright both deliveres really good.

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