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    well we had a dump of 2 foot fresh powder thursday night, decided to take the 173 burton canyon out for a blast before i decide to split it,or i could use a k2 fatbob 163 what would you recomend.

    finding it hard to get the voile split kit over here in england only found one place and he has sold out of the kits, got time off work to split the boards and take them out.

    took some pictures of the day,going back tomorow with some peter lynn vapor race kites to pull me up the hill



    I have a Voile 160 V-tail split complete kit for sale – inc all board fixings, plates, skins, crampons and spare dual heel risers.

    PM me if interested.

    Base in London so easy to post/courier or if there snow up in the hills, then I could be persuaded to drive up for a day out boarding.



    Have you tried The Sick and the Wrong for the DIY kit. I did one a couple of years ago and got my stuff from them. It’s pretty easy to do but there are better drill bit options than they recommend. I used Forstner bits for the 3/4″ recesses for the T-nuts not spade bits. You have more control of depth.
    You could always order from, it’s easier to ship here now or Voile direct.
    Isn’t the Canyon the 3 hole pattern so inserts in the centre of the board? I would split the K2



    Second sick and wrong for kit in UK.

    Failing that I have used Zero G in Chamonix and Blue Tomato for any specialist split kit. Both ship to UK very quickly and securely.

    Looking forward to the winter…..

    Always open to any UK based ideas as this winter have young baby so not as flexible for Europe….


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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