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    I know there are a few of us on here and would love to find some new riding partners.

    Jason here started splitting last season just before canuck splitfest and can’t get enough. bought a season pass to louise this season to get out and explore the slackcountry whenever I can. Im a shift worker so I have a rotating schedule making me available some weekdays and weekends so feel free to give me a jingle.

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    hi. i know its old but hope you get it. im a novice splitter in edmonton as well. lack of reliable partner is holdin me back so if you are still on a hunt i would love to meet up.i started split camping last years as well if you are going that direction. thanks

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    I am just getting into splitting this year. Have about 5 years past snowboarding experience. I have yet to take ast1(Jan) but I am also looking for someone to go out with who is relatively new at the sport. Winter camping is fine with me. Just looking to get some outings under my belt.

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    I’ve had my split for a few seasons now but haven’t gotten out as much as I’d like. Ridden a few times with AdamBQ who’s also on the forum. I work 9-5 so can usually only get away on weekends but can sometimes take a Mon or Fri. Have my AST1 and a brother who also wants to split.

    Feel free to message me and we can get some sort of crew going here.

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    I know this is an old thread but i hope you are all healthy and shredding!

    Anyone still around and down to do some touring on icefields parkway?

    Im new to touring but have been riding for about 12 years, and have 2 tours under my belt. I currently tour with ski friends but would be down to meet some keen local Edmonton folk, why not?


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