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    Puff Nattie

    PJ and I met up w/Ecobrad for the weekend and originally planned on doing a few nights on Shasta with the hopes of summiting. Wellll… the weather ended up interfering w/those plans, however, we did get some much needed POW. PN stoked to wake up to a winterwonderland in the *assen lot

    PN skinning, as it continues to dump

    PJ takes it to “a whole notha leval” (SNL)


    Since the weather forecast called for 80 MPH winds on Shasta we decided to stay at *assen. The winds were pretty bad in the morning but tapered off during the day. Sanfrantastico met up w/us too. Eco and SF skinning.

    Eco pointin’ it- a bluebird bc bday

    Storn-happy in the bc



    Day 3-Shasta. Bunny flat and not a soul around.

    Eco skinning up avalanche gulch

    Eco looks back while PJ leads the way to Casaval ridge

    now skinners start your engines. ouuu nice mojo

    (oops, last 2 pics out of order)
    Stoney rocks w/redbanks in the distance

    Ecobutt 😉

    Eco and PN booting

    PN reaches our destination


    Here we gooooooo. PJ -comin’ atcha live

    Eco’s turn


    Eco and PJ

    Looking back up

    Windlip fun-PJ waves hello


    A great weekend w/Eco. by the way, I think eco has a side job we weren’t aware of…

    The latest in backcountry fashion :thatrocks:


    Looks like a great time, happy b-day Eco!


    Awesome … looks like a great trip.

    Happy Birthday Eco!


    Great TR DJ PuffNattie!

    Great Pic. feels like the snow is about to splash out of my monitor. 8)

    ooh, i like the new camper. looks comfy.

    Hey, if you guys want to go back to shasta i’m probably hitting tioga next weekend, then shasta the following 3, with some 4day weekends thrown in.


    Happy B-Day E.B. I gotta have some Shasta & Lassen in my near future. What size bed does your camper have in it? Im 6’4″ and just wonderin if my long ol legs would fit in something like that Ive been looking at motor homes and that looks sweet and a whole lot cheaper..

    karma surf

    I’m the most jealous human alive! Thanks for rubbing it in 😉

    Glad you had a great time ❗


    We missed ya KS. But we felt your mojo presence through Eco’s board. These mtns aren’t going anywhere.

    Systemsplit – At 6’4″, you’d be pretty squished in this one, both sleeping and standing.


    Nice TR, way to get after it!

    How far is the road open to near *assen?


    Very cool TR! 4 days, and SF said you guys did 4 laps the day he rode with you guys, because Puff Nattie rallied for one more to get the powder stash. That’s awesome, impressive!

    Splitboarding is the answer unless Splitbooting is the answer, either way we're going snowboarding because America!


    Yah…love the pics, looks like so much fun, and the camper looks gat. Happy Birthday Ecodad…hope you slayed a line or two for me.


    Happy Birthday Eco! PN – your action shots are truely awesome. Mine mostly came out sucky, so here are a bunch of scenic shots..

    We were going to ride the backside of this mountain until we noticed all the new snow was leaving. 🙁

    It was a little windy.

    But we had fun anyway.

    And we saw some great views.

    Spoony Love from up above.


    Thanks for another fun day!

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.


    Thanks for taking so many nice pictures Nattie and PJ. I had a blast hanging out with you guys. Everyone needs to know that the main ingredient for the weekend was laughing. At ourselves, each other, you, whatever. Gotta love long weekends with no worries–expect freakin Barbara 😉

    And yeah, the pop-up rules. Nothing like waiting out a windstorm by relaxing on cushioned seats and drinking coffee.

    Matt-The road was closed at the SW parking lot but its plowed all the way through.

    I knew you were gonna post that freakin split-N-dales photo 🙄 Aren’t you guys ever too hot for a shirt but too lazy to take your boots off?

    Thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone. Nothing like POW on your birthday.


    Very very nice! Looks like some great late April conditions. We need to have a *assen summit.

    Ps : happy bday eco.


    Looks like I missed out on a supa-fun trip. Especially since I got suckered into working instead. grrr 😡

    Eco…u must be getting senile in your old age 😆


    Matt-The road was closed at the SW parking lot but its plowed all the way through.

    Matt, actually they have the road plowed to Devastated Area on the north side and Bumpass Hell on the south. They had closed the road to both DA and BH when the storms hit. My guess is it is probably open again.


    Happy Belated eco!!!

    Looks like a great weekend! :thatrocks:


    Nice… you guys shoulda come to TPR though!

Viewing 17 posts - 1 through 17 (of 17 total)
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