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    My friend and I headed to the eastside for 3 days of splitting. We camped at Mcgee creek campground.

    On 4/28 we went back to check out the wineglass, it didn’t look great but we tried to find an easy crossing across the creek and couldn’t find one so we gave up and headed toward baldwin mountain but we only rode a shoulder off some no-name mountain. The chutes in the cirque looked tasty. I’m heading back up to get them this weekend.


    shoulder we rode

    baldwin cirque chutes

    On 4/29 we went back into rock creek lake little lakes valley, all the way back to try and get to Pipsqueak Spire, but it was further and longer than we judged with lots of up and downs and when we came to the giant cirque we would have had to cross we just gave up. Still got lots of good turns in though. I dropped in from halfway up the cirque.


    pipsqueak spire is between in the middle between bear creek spire and mt dade

    turns in the cirque

    On 4/30 we decided to try and find something with easy access since the day before was a long one. We went to Virginia Lakes and scored with several inches of fresh pow and more up higher. There were Lots of “grumpy old men” ice fishing on virgina lake lol. Lots of other skiers and riders out that day, we were the first ones up the bowl and got 2 runs. I met Tex, buffy and mike in the parking lot from the forum there as well, great to meet you all!


    from the top of red lake bowl looking at dunderberg

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    Nice long weekend. Did you see Tex make turns? Lucky!!

    Pipsqueak is a long ways back there, but awesome terrain. Did an overnight out there several years ago. A day trip would be a lot of miles.

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    You’re so cool @Beantown! I’ll have my bones soon and can come out an play.
    Thanks for sharing the stoke.

    When did you get a new split?

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    yo powderjunkie i met them in the parking lot and we chatted some. i didn’t see tex make any turns. I thought they were headed to the same bowl as us and we left first but I guess they ended up somewhere close by. Tex said he saw me drop in from the top from wherever they were.

    Hans cool getting your bones!!! Mammoth fired me – the free help volunteer ski patrol – last year when the bought bear and summit so I never got my bones. oh well just another reason to stay away from the resort. i got my new splitty in january its so much better than the one i had, it rips and so much lighter. but i kept my old one as a rock board for socal lol!!!. we will have to get out one of these days before the snow melts, or we can do some mtn biking. That was Bryan who was with me this trip.

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    Good to meet ya In the parking lot at Virginia Lakes Beantown! Ray, Mike, and I were eating lunch at the bottom of Fisherman’s when you dropped that line on the ridge between Black and Red. It looked steep and gnarly. That was a fun day, good snow out there.

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