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    starting to look good. another storm forcasted this week for mammoth.


    surprised nobody is talking about the epic snow fall in sierra now. 8, 10, 12 feet….who knows?!?!


    With young kids, I hadn’t really gotten out much in the last 5+ years. Seems like no one posts conditions anymore. I just made a trip down 395 Friday and Saturday. East side should be fantastic this year!

    Big pine /Palisades area: Cardina/Tinemaha/Birch- looks good, but you’ll have to do the typical dry hike from the road down low. Can still ride down to the car on glacier lodge road from Kidd.

    Bishop – From the road, Basin looked great. Better get Tom soon. Didn’t checkout the other stuff.

    Mcgee/esha, etc – road is still snow covered 1+ miles out, but definitely doable.

    rock creek closed at snowpark with ~3ft of snow. Lookslike they’re plowing the road beyond.

    Convict – can still ride down to the car at convict lake from minni morrison. north side of the lake is burned. pinner looked good from the summit of mini morrison.

    Mammothl- for bloody mtn looked like snow goes pretty close to your car(that final little hill facing 395)

    June lake loop is open. Can still ski down to the car from Mt wood. Mt gibbs looks great.

    Tioga pass – Mo mart is closed but sign says opens 4/29 (i think that’s the fishing opener).
    120 still closed at the low gate. Looks like great coverage off the plateau down to the power plant road, etc.

    lundy canyon – fantastic coverage. still snow covered so you can’t drive to the Dam/lake, but you’re extremely close to the Mtwarren/scouden canyon.

    Virginia lakes- closed at the winter closure down low, but it looks like they’ve been plowing it way past.

    pics at my drop box:


    forgot to add – Twin lakes – looks like snowline is just about down to the lake on north facing side of Crater Crest, but you’ll have to do a bit of a hike soon. Campground was snow free.


    TOWELIE!! Holy shit, he’s back! 🙂 Thanks for the the awesome update! Eastside is gonna be epic this spring. We gotta make some turns! See you at the Mo-mart.

Viewing 5 posts - 21 through 25 (of 25 total)
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