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    Here are some beta pics from Sat-Tues last week, mostly around Tioga. Conditions were decent, though the snow is still transitional in some areas. Also some stuff was getting pretty warm and rotten, need some good melt-freeze cycles. Weather looks to be vacillating between above and below normal temps, so YMMV.

    Most importantly, conditions at the Mo-mart are GOING OFF!!! 🙂

    Dana plateau. V-bowl is burnt. Many of the upper chutes were getting ridden, then climbed back out. Mostly Coke, Ripper and Powerhouse. 3rd Pillar doesn’t go.


    Powerhouse. It was still worth doing to the bottom last weekend, but was going quick. The diagonal connector requires some walking on dirt to get into, and there’s a burnt section between that and the top of the last snowfield above the cars. Probably not worth it anymore, it’s just as easy to go straight down the drainage to where it ends and talus-hop to the road. Likely not worth doing to the bottom by this weekend.

    Upper Powerhouse

    Upper Powerhouse chute entrances felt steeper than normal due to low snowpack

    Powerhouse exit

    Ellery was looking pretty bony at the top of the bowl, and Chute Out requires a downclimb. Apparently it was riding pretty well though. Didn’t ride in there myself but heard it was good, there were lots of people up there.

    Third Pillar. Someone sideslipped about 100 ft down, then decided f*ck this and climbed back out. Two major chockstones completely block the choke.

    Liberty. Huuuuge wet cornice, super tight entrance, crappy snow. What’s not to like? (umm, not recommended…)

    Unknown was in good shape. Looked like lots of folks hit it.

    Top of the plateau. Still a decent amount of snow to skin on.

    Glacier canyon.

    Looking up towards Solstice entrance and Dana summit. Sounded like Solstice was riding really well. Not many reports on Dana other than give it time to soften up.

    Dana and Solstice

    View of Dana/Plateau/Ellery area from across the road by top of Greenstone area

    Backside route up to Conness plateau

    False White

    White area

    Saddlebag. Lake was still frozen and skinnable, not sure for how long. Road is patchy. More road than snow on first mile, then more snow than road 2nd mile.

    Greenstone area looking good

    Conness area

    Snow finger/S couloir. S doesn’t quite go from the top… but it is downclimbable. 🙂

    Backside of North Peak. We were going to head over there and hit the chutes but bailed. Probably should have gone, I heard they are in good shape.


    Bottom of Y couloir, and Conness summit chutes. Shrunds just starting to open.

    Backside route up to top of Conness plateau

    Top of Flinty’s

    Shots from the drive home. Dunderberg to Green Creek run looks worth doing, at least from here. Probably a decent amount of schwacking at the Green Creek exit.

    Twin Lakes/Matterhorn area

    Shot from near the hairpin turn on the west side of Sonora pass. Is the second one Leavitt/Y?

    Love the eastside! 🙂

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    Awesome beta, Jim. Now we want a trip report with the chutes ridden. Yes, that is Leavitt Y.

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    Great beta and photo collection… Looks like there is still a lot of fun to be had, even if a little extra work is required to get to it…

    Where was the second to last shot? The chutes in the background look fun… Now to see if these photos are enough to convince my wife to shift gears from beach volleyball back to the snow… Wish me luck…


    Greg - NoKnees

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    Excellent beta, many thanks!

    @NoKnees wrote:

    Where was the second to last shot?

    Hwy 108, west of Sonora Pass

    165 Venture Divide/Spark Frankenburners/La Sportiva Spantiks
    163W Jones Solution/Phantom Alphas/Dynafit TLT5s
    162 Furberg


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    @jimw wrote:

    Shot from near the hairpin turn on the west side of Sonora pass. Is the second one Leavitt/Y?

    Yup thats the Y couloir of Leavitt Peak.

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    I’ll post a few from the last two weekends.

    Sonora Pass

    And the Dana Couloir

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    Update from last weekend. We went out to Saddlebag and did an overnighter. Conditions were FANTASTIC! Super corn in most areas, even a little pow up higher by Conness. Totally smooth, no suncups. Looks like it’s been windy as hell this week so things may have changed, but I think it would be a good bet for this weekend. Saddlebag road was still closed, but is totally clear of snow and bikeable to the lake. Some pics.

    New partner for this trip. 🙂 Plateau in the backround, pretty burnt.

    More the usual plateau suspects

    Powerhouse is pretty burnt. Might be OK up top if you want to climb back out.

    Ellery is still barely holding on. Saw tracks on the way out, looked like a decent time was had.

    False White still has plenty of coverage.

    Riding up Saddlebag road.

    View out toward White etc

    Mally approves of the snow around Saddlebag, and says it is prime for playing in and sleeping on!

    Mike says the fishing is good too! He actually caught a couple fish – we had to improvise a way to cook them with a couple jetboil burners, a thin rock, and some used tin foil. 🙂

    Greenstone area



    Backing up…

    Conness area

    Flinty’s. Aside from Greenstone, this and GPS were the only place we saw tracks the whole time we were out there.

    Snow finger/S

    When I was there 3 weeks prior, this sensor was just barely sticking out of the snow. Now it’s sticking out 2 feet.

    However, on the more N facing aspects things were holding just fine, and even had some new snow. The rock choke in S was actually slightly more filled in than 3 weeks prior.

    Backside of North Peak

    Y couloir and Conness summit chutes – schrunds still closed!

    TEX, at 4:20 PM, on the Spliff… coincidence?? 🙂

    Conditions at the Mo-mart are of course going off as well. They now have soft-serve ice cream. Mally approves!

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    News flash:



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    Love your dog Jim! :thumbsup:

    After much research, experimentation and consideration, I have decided adulthood is not for me. Thank you for the opportunity.

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    Got the chance to going flying with a friend from work to scope out the extent of the seasons first snowfall on Sunday. Not a bad start for September!

    My buddy Max getting things ready

    looking west from just north of Bridgeport (Sonora Pass area?!)

    the Sawtooth Range through the prop wash

    You’ll have to excuse my lack of mountain recognition, but I want to say the Palisades?!

    June Lake resort and our turn around point

    Looking south towards the big boys of the Eastside with Mammoth on the right

    From up above this appears to be where “the” spot for pumice sandboarding is?!

    Sorry…No pics of Dana Plateau Jim W. I was pretty stoked at this point of the flight to see it up close that I forgot to get pics. There wasn’t anything in the couloirs anyways, just on top. Awesome little adventure. Hopefully this winter will bring quite a bit more of the white stuff!!!

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    Tioga is open to the park gate. Game on.

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    Trekked out to the “eastside” for some big vert and long lines. Volcom sk8park! Mammoth Ca… has a very unique bowl

    As in par with many eastside lines…. its the gnar.. all the trannys and coping are different

    Javi from south lake tahoe blasts!

    Maybe the Volcom sk8park will be snowed in this season?

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    Any updates on the snow conditions since the last storm? Any good touring around Mammoth?

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    @bcall8 I havn’t been down to the eastside this winter but @Earnyourturn has been posting up some shots on his IG

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    I went out for a drive this weekend just to take a look at the conditions on 395 down to Lee Vining. It looked as you would expect, but as a bonus Virginia Lakes road was plowed, and open, not all the way to the lake though. I rode South Peak, the snow was staying pretty wintery. There looked to be good coverage on Black mountain as well, but I took the low hanging fruit. Sorry no pics.

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    a little late for an update, but last week, PN and I overnighted out towards Duck Pass just after the area got 12-16 of very dry powder.

    we found a little of everything from light pow over very little base, crust and warming snow where the sun kissed it, and some good turns where it wasn’t too deep.

    overall we felt there wasn’t enough base where it needed to be for good turns and the rolling terrain out to duck pass is not the greatest for splitters. there are some great looking lines out there past blue crag and before the barney lake headwall area.

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    Conness and North peak fro Black Peak 3/14/15

    Conness and North Peak from Black Peak 3/14/15

    Looking into Lundy Canyon from Black Peak 3/14/15

    Looking south from Black Peak into Lundy Canyon 3/14/15

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    Thanks for the stoke @Tex I was beginning to wonder if there was any snow back there. Now I just need to time my saddlebag trip.

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