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    After a weak storm moved through the Sierras last week, we decided to bag the Ebbetts Pass idea and go get the goods that laid down 30 inches of fresh in Eastern Nevada. We didn’t know too much about the area or the mountains, but made the 300 mile trip anyway and it turns out that Nevada holds down some of the best under rated mountains in the nation. Not to mention lots of snow and steep peaks.

    Driving along the goods:

    Terminal Cancer Couloir….only 10 minute hike from how far you can drive into the canyon. Unfortunately, we bypassed it the first day and never came back to get it….we will have to save it for another day.

    Entering Thomas Canyon

    Watch out for heavy avi activity:

    View of the triple bowls that we hit:

    Skinning up to the goods:

    View from the top at some bomber lines:

    April Pow Turns:

    This was some seriously consequential gnarlyness but James pulls off frontside rock slide to double step down:

    Glad we skinned this early in the morning. Nice size avy right through our skin track.


    Tryin to get this side of Pearl Peak but never happened:

    Ended up parking and having to hike it from the desert floor. Sunscreen and shade because there are no trees here:

    Camp at 10,000…

    Don’t try this in Cali you’ll get a ticket!

    Headin to the goods:

    This was from our initial ascent, unfortunately we were 2 canyons over from where we wanted to be.

    On top:

    What we hit:

    Not Splitboarding:

    Tired dog sleeping in the firepit:

    The nice thing about a wildlife refuge is you actually see wildlife. Deer being chased out of the canyon by a bunch of freakin snowboarders:

    Pearl in all it’s glory:

    Well that’s about it. I left enough clues to figure out where we were. I had a hard time researching the area and I don’t want to make it easy for somebody to google it and be like “that’s sick, I’m going!” So with that in mind, if you find out where it is, don’t blow it up, it’s still highly untouched backcountry.

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    Nice !!!! Terrain looks killer…. BTW those salomon jackets were the deal of the century a while back!

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    That couloir is ridiculous. I’ve seen one pic of it from inside the chute. I need to get to the Rubys. So close to me.
    Awesome rock slidage too!

    Great NV stoke :bananas:

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    Score ❗ Thanks for a great TR.

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    NICE! Did you look at hole in the wall?

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    No, it was our first trip out there so we had to wing it with minimum knowledge. The amount of terrain and the quality of terrain in those mountains is absolutely mind blowing. No wonder its next to impossible to find any information about them.

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    Great reoprt! :doobie: That place looks sweet!!!

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    Nice TR! :thumpsup: Sweet location, and about as far from us Utards as it is from Tahoe. Maybe next season the Sierra and Wasatch riders can meet up for a tour?

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    We should have splitfest 2010 there. It’s centrally located between Utah, Sierras and even Colorado. Not to mention the bonus of not having a ski town within 300 miles from them means that there are a lot of virgin lines to be had. Untracked territory for us all…well except for the couple lines we got.

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    Rad TR man! :thumbsup:

    Welcome to the site and thanks for sharing. 8)

    And yeah, count me in for next year. :mrgreen:

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    Hell yeah, count me in too :bananas:

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    :bananas: Trip was soo fun, the one thing I forgot was my camera and sunscreen. Face shots in Nevada on 4-20 what a beautiful day Snobro failed to mention that we all got sunburnt. Awsome terrain, definitly a Nevada split party for 2010

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