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    I have some friends from Colorado coming to visit the last week of May and I want to take them on an epic east side trip. For years I’ve been telling them that the Seirras are every bit as good as the Rockies, if not better. Now its time to put up or shut up. I’m looking for some trip suggestions. We looking to do 5 or 6 really good day trips starting and ending at our truck. My bros can’t be too far away from the ice chest. In reality, an overnight tour would be fine, I just want to make sure we get tons of turns. By the way, anyone is welcome to join us. Noknees, powderjunkie and the other folks I met at splitfest, it would be great if you could make it.

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    Geez, there are so many options. Tioga pass is great. There are so many stops up and down Hwy 395 where you can do epic day trips. I think usually some of them would be getting manky by then but this year most should be holding good snow for a while. You might want to pick up a copy of Moynier’s and Ritchens’ books.

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    virginia lakes stays close to the ice chest… 8)

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    loligo ??? Yeah, lets ride. Plenty of terrain to show your Rockies boys. Ice chests are nice, just not icy chests. Ride with your shirt on.


    any tour on the eastside kicks the shit out of everything in colorado
    the tours of the buttermilk country are some of my favorites but there is so much good terrain and piles of snow on the eastside this season so it shouldn’t be difficult to show those coloradans how we live outside the center of the universe

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    Does anyone know if the gate on Tioga Pass is open?

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    The gate is not open on the east side of Tioga Pass. Plowing has reached Tioga Pass Resort, so they’re close, but no word on when the road will open from the east to the pass.

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