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    yes- stowe is mansfield and the south facing slopes of what they call ‘spruce peak’. Smuggs, is sterling (‘spruce peak’ north side), madonna, and morse montains, all of the north facing slopes east of the notch.

    the uphill policy at smuggs is the unfortunate result of one asshole in particular and will likely improve again with mutual respect and self-policing in the active backcounty community in the area… otherwise a very split-friendly area


    Quick Poll:

    So it looks like we’ll move the location to a Mountain base (easier logistically), but still want to make sure there is access to quality tours that require splits. Thoughts on Smuggs Vs. Bolton Valley?

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    Bolton accesses some awesome terrain!

    Mostly true tours, tho- in that you end up somewhere other than where you started…

    (Such as from bolton towards Trapp Family Lodge area or Bolton down to Waterbury Resevoir.)

    Could be a plus or a minus, depending.

    Smuggs a nice circuit to/ from one base, but the drawback is its all very accessible as side country so there’s more traffic.

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    are you guys serious!

    why don’t you just call each other and all go snowboarding on a mountain.

    its a goddamn split fest.

    take the fucking resorts out of it.

    meet at under hill state park and hike from there.

    don’t make it easy thats not the point, crowds suck, solitude is heart.

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    While I agree with you about the heart, Ben- I think what’s needed is a little ‘Goals Articulation’ for the event.

    If we’re looking to do demos and outreach to people who aren’t already splitting, then I would disagree. Plus, most people would also be coming with family members, etc. who may not necessarily be into meeting in the ‘middle of nowhere’, but having access to lodge, lifts, etc. makes this a family event.

    If we just want to get the bros together- then – well that’s another story- but I can say for a fact our sponsors and demo reps are much less interested in that…

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    i dont understand, then you can’t call it a splitfest. call it a split-clinic.

    so I’ve only been to one other splitfest, the canuck up at roger’s pass in 2012 and there were a lot of sponsors there and demo reps and the whole thing was about getting into the backcountry safely, all those guys were out ripping it everyday, and getting to see some amazing terrain in BC canada powered by my determination to earn my turns.

    if there is a splitfest here in new england then we should be featuring some dope ass hike-to backcountry that everyone is stoked to explore.

    if your reps want people to demo boards and then keep em in bounds (exaggeration) then drop ’em.

    am i completely wrong here? i think what we are going to be doing to the new england splitfest is embarrassing.

    middle of nowhere, adventure, calculated risks, NO LIFTS

    @earthsurfing wrote:

    a little ‘Goals Articulation’

    i had to look up what this meant and i got this off google from a VT farm

    “Goals Articulation
    The following is a distillation of the goals articulation process as described by Dave Jacke and Eric Tonesmier in
    Edible Forest Gardens volume 2.
    In order to develop designs that best meet the needs of the individual (or client) it is essential to clearly articulate one’s short and long-term design goals. We obviously cannot begin our design work without a direction in which to steer things – if we do, chance rather than foresight, takes hold of the reins. Goals help us integrate the various elements that will serve our needs, and they also help guide our decision-making. They speed up the process of design and implementation, help ensure details are thoroughly researched, help to re- orient us when suffering from ‘designer’s block’, prevent wasted effort and sharpen our focus in observing our site.”

    id like to know what the short/long term goals we are setting out to accomplish, there is no reason i won’t attend this every year that its held, so i feel this isn’t an unfair question.

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    I agree, and I was serious that we really do some goals articulation.

    That would’ve been my farm website that you got that off, btw :thumpsup: (Or maybe my buddies- having now seen what pops up w google)

    To be clear- I don’t think anyone’s advocating for anything at this point.

    An no one’s talking about splitting in bounds!

    My vision for a splitfest is a round trip race, demos, sponsors, clinics for beginners…

    And a good party :guinness: :doobie: :rock:

    I also envision an extended event with the possibility of a rider-focused AAIRE, and perhaps a variety of tours for a range of abilities offered in a region, and other opportunities to share/ build skill (such as ropes or ice tools, shelter building, winter wild edibles, fuck- even a video editing workshop if someone wants to give one…)

    The reason Smuggs came up is this:

    Closed road for beginner lessons, demos, etc. some of the best terrain in the east, family friendly accessibility for wives, kids, etc. and they are willing to host, as they host the ice bash and other somewhat similar events in the notch proper…

    Alex and I will be meeting soon, and if you’d like to help as an organizer it would be great to bring you to the table and hear your ideas/ proposals.

    Nothing has been decided yet.

    Like a snowboard contest- our sponsors, demos, etc. are definitely interested in exposure and would rather be somewhere where people who are not already in the splitboard fringe would see and be exposed to this sport…

    I’m all about getting out into unexplored terrain, but (I hate to break it to you) this ain’t exactly BC. If the whole point of a ‘fest’ is to gather a crowd, we should be strategic about what venues are most conducive to that.

    We all recognize the beauty of solitude and isolation inherent in this particular way of playing in the snow… But if that’s the only part we’re celebrating… why are we trying to get a bunch of people together to do it?


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    Bolton Valley is a good choice becuase from the lot, you can access terrain pretty readily.. slack country laps with lift assistance up Vista, short trips from the 100k (no bullshit 100k) of nordic trails or full blown excursions with no lift assistance from the lower parking lot. Quite a few options with BV, I believe they even offer a one ride lift ticket to get you up to elevation to acces the catamount trail which runs through Bolton. By mid March, Timberline (lower lot) may even be closed to lift served so that could act as a demo hub to get people moving uphill on demo gear pretty readily. PM me if you have thoughts about doing this at BV, It’s been my backyard for over 10 years.

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