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    Hey gang,

    So I did a search and appears as though their have been a lot of talk about making one happen, but none have panned out. So I wanted to see if people a) were really interested in one, and b) volunteer to spearhead the effort to organize one.

    Here’s what I am thinking. Base it in the Waterbury/Stowe Area. It provides access to a diverse selection of terrain. There would also be great Apres options.

    Target dates: March 2015

    Weekend Agenda:
    Two days of tours
    Clinic for people who want to learn about splitboarding
    Saturday night party
    Fundraising Raffle for gear and swag (raise funds for something like Vermont BackCountry Alliance or CTA)

    Let me know what you think, if you interested, or if you want to help.

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    How about Zealand Hut?

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    Couldn’t agree more. I have been thinking about the idea myself too. The Waterbury area sounds prime. Pinkham notch could also be a great option too. This would be an excellent opportunity to congregate the east coast splitboard community. I’m definitely in on this one.


    I actually had the same thought about Pinkham Notch. Would be good, but for a lot of the terrain the weather is so finicky up there. March in Vermont, we have a pretty good shot of having good snow in the back country. Also, I figured at the very least if we wanted to get involvement from brands at all for demos etc, It would be right in Burton and Rome’s backyard.

    Pinkham Notch area might be worth considering for future years, but for an inaugural festival, Waterbury/Stowe seemed like the easiest to pull off.

    Chef Ben, Looked into Zealand Hut, looks awesome, but would love to have the opportunity for Demos etc. Doing in the back country might eliminate that and reduce turnout.

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    Just wanted to share my experience having organized 3 years of backcountry (skin-in) Splitfests… if you can get a local shop on board to be the ‘hub’ of activity prior to the event, you can organize demos, etc. out of the shop and that way you won’t have to deal with demos at the event, and can focus solely on your event. Which will make your life a lot easier.

    Just my :twocents: … Good luck!

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    Yea totally. OGE/burton shops should be helpful . We should definitely start planning this out. Its a great idea.

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    It would be cool to see this come to fruition. Alex, as you know, you could get some ideas from the Get out and backcountry folks at Bolton. Backcountry mag also does the backcountry basecamp. If this were on a weekend, we’d be hard pressed to make it since thats when we make our money at the restaraunt. But who knows–put us down as tentative.

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    Screw turn-out, better bet is having quality base camp. Also, more centralized in New England.


    Cool thanks for all of the advice and tips. After a busy spring, I’m going to move forward with this, so that we can start promoting when folks are getting powder hungry in the fall, and through out the winter.

    Good call with reaching out to CTA/VTBC and a gear shop, I’ll do some outreach. Let me know if anyone has any connections.

    Also, does anybody know a good web person? I’d can make a decent word press, but I would love to have it look a little sharper than that.

    Let me know if anyone else wants to help out in any other way.

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    I will defiantly be interested in helping to set this up. This would be a great event.

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    I would be interested in this. I don’t split much because i live in ct where the conditions aren’t great. I take my splitboard sometimes when i go on trips but it would be nice to learn more about splitting in new england. Some one mentioned making it more centrally located, like where? It would need to be somewhere likely to have decent conditions. Typically that means North. If doing it in the Stowe area how about using Darkside Snowboards for a shop? If i remember correctly they have a decent size parking lot. I think mr burton owns a market or something near there too. What about avy courses?

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    If this goes down, I am in and can/will bring 2 or 3 other ppl with me.

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    Outdoor gear exchange and the burton shops could for sure be helpful. In addition, there are a couple great shops/business’s in the A’Daks that promote splitboarding. Also, a couple shops in NH maybe helpful as well, such as IME and Lahouts. Definitely keep us posted on this. Stoked on this fantastic idea.

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    It may also be a great idea to start a Facebook page like, “Splitboarders of the NorthEast”. This would definitely be a great way to get the word out, if we can get a bunch of east coast splitters to like it.


    Hey everyone, so this is happening!

    Right now I can say it’s on for Waterbury (this will give us access to LOTS of great terrain) the weekend of March 13th-15th (when we have the most snow and consistently solid snow conditions). We have some cool sponsors on board (more on that once I lock in some final details), and it should be a blast.

    I’m currently getting marketing materials together so we can go public in September when everyone really starts to get powder fever.

    If folks want to help out some things we’re looking for to kick things into high gear.

    1. A graphic designer to come up with a sweet logo, and flyer
    2. Photos or Video content that we can use to promote New England splitboarding and the festival.
    3. Anything else you’d like to do make the event better (message me if you want to get involved).

    Also, quick poll questions. Should we call the event:

    New England Splitfest or New England Backcountry Snowboard Fest (to try and get more riders into splitboarding)?

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    Thanks to @rightsider for the first group image

    We’ve been planning a round trip race for sometime, and one thing or another gets in the way…

    But there are sponsors on board and the idea was to do a little mini-fest with demos, etc. and maybe host an AIARE beforehand, as well.

    Happy to collaborate with others on this endeavor…

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    I vote splitfest, it is what it is!

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    Wow- that’s an auspicious simultaneous post!

    I hadn’t read what you wrote XC until today…

    We also have willing hosts at smugglers notch, with some excellent terrain for demos and the race, depending in what you have in mind for Waterbury.

    Anyways- maybe even a physical organizers meeting is in order to hash out some details?


    @Earth Surfing just sent you a message. Definitely sounds like we should put our heads together!


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    Correct me if i am mistaked but aren’t stowe and smuggs backed up to eachother? I think i recall seeing the top of mount mansfield from smuggs last year when the sun came out. What a trip that was. Scored a brand new presidential suite through a friend of my moms and it snowed 2 out of 4 days i was there. Brought my split and went up the first evening we arrived. To bad about their uphill policy though, only a couple hours before and after lifts hours. Smart from a safety stand point but i had hoped to skin up in the dark and watch the sun rise.

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