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    Hi everyone.

    I’m an East-coast rider (Jay Peak, mostly). I spend most of my time in the woods, and while I’d love to get more into touring, I don’t do very much of it yet. I would say that 80-90% of my riding is done on-piste, and 75% of that in the woods. There are some little hills around the area that we’ve started hiking, up to about 1000 ft. vertical.

    It’s time to replace my 4-year-old Atomic board, but it’s still in pretty decent condition. Because of that, I’m seriously considering investing in a splitboard, but I’m worried about performance.

    How good are splitboards on the descent compared to solid boards? Will a new splitboard possibly ride better in powder than my heavy Atomic? Than a new solid board? If so, then I could justify the purchase by now having a powder-board and an everything-else board. But if the performance of a splitboard will always be inferior to a solid board, then given the amount of use I can expect to get out of splitting it I can’t really see it making sense.

    I suppose it boils down to this: Will I want to ride my split-board when I have lift access, or would that be stupid?

    If the answer is yes, then would anyone recommend used vs. new?

    Thanks, looking forward to hear what you all have to say.

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    Hey there lehons!


    I’m in Jay too… And i’ve had a splitboard for 4 seasons now. There are great touring options around Northern Vermont so if you feel like hunting for adventure, you have nice options around Jay Peak and south to Stowe (Mansfield) all the way to sugarbush…

    I never ride my splitboard inbounds… First, it’s not that great of a ride… I have a 171cm Voile Mojo. It’s a fine board… but not the best “all-around” board… It carves and rides great… but when it dumps at the mountain, nothing replaces my Burton Fish! The FISH is built for powder and tight trees which is what we have here! Then, the splitboard is rather expensive and i wouldn’t want to destroy it while inbounds… the added flex and weight doesn’t make it the best option for inbounds in my opinion…

    If you’re unsure, buy a used one off ebay (or here in the swap market) and try it for a season. My first splitboard was great for the first 3 seasons… I sold it off last year to replace with a new one… And my board was in great shape still… It’s just to i love touring so much that i decided to get a completely new (and lighter) setup.

    This year, 3 buddys bought a splitboard and my girlfriend is fully equipped for touring on skis as well… so we’re doing as much touring as possible. Again, possibilities are endless around here… you just have to hunt for it! If you’ve been to Jay during the holidays you know how bad the conditions were at the mountain… despite that, we did 4 days out and manage to find good snow each time… nothing epic… but 6-8in minimum everywhere over the crust with drifts that were 6ft high in some places.

    Hope this helps!

    Again, welcome on board!

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    Thanks BigJay.

    Unfortunately, that does help, but not the way I wanted. I was hoping you’d say that the boards are great, and totally worth riding inbounds also…

    I guess I’ll start hunting for used splitboards, and keep my fingers crossed.

    I don’t know what it’s like at Jay right now, but up here in Montreal we’re getting dumped. Good news for this weekend!

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    I don’t think there’s a big difference in the quality of a board that is designed as a split and a solid board, but there are very few boards out there that come as both. I guess Priors would be close. I think I rode a solid khyber and a split khyber a few years ago, and any differences were pretty minor.


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    @lehons wrote:

    I don’t know what it’s like at Jay right now, but up here in Montreal we’re getting dumped. Good news for this weekend!

    I’m in Montreal too… but at Jay on weekends. They did get some rain today but only for 15min according to the website…

    Sorry if i let you down… I could have said the opposite… but you would have been disapointed inbounds!

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    I occasionally ride my Venture Divide inbounds, usually when I am doing a tour from the ski area. I does just fine, even hitting kickers on hardpack. I think going with spark binders makes it ride a lot more like a solid board.

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    spark binders?

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    the bindings in BigJay’s profile pic… and referenced umpteen million other places on the board. :bananas: 😀


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    I guess the long & short of it is that a splitboard is not going to replace my solidboard under any circumstances.
    But I’m with 2 skiers right now talking about skinning up a small mountain in our backyard near Jay on Sunday, and the thought of having to follow them on snowshoe, carrying a board, really sucks.
    Thanks for all the help.
    Now all I’ve gotta do is find a used splitboard.

    BigJay: Have you been out to BigJay yet? We may go out on Sunday – any thoughts?

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    Pricing aside, If you’ve ever gone snowshoeing with snowboard in tow and you plan to do it again, that alone is reason enough for getting a splitboard. Particularly if you intend to keep a solid board around for inbounds groomers. :thumbsup:

    On the other hand if your not into getting away from the crowds and exploring for explorations sake, and/or have an addiction to powder it’s probably not for you. :thumbsdown:

    Otherwise, its an f’n blast! :thatrocks:

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    I’m a new guy here also and from southern VT. I ride all over the state, but have really gotten tired of the crowds etc. at the resorts.

    I first saw a used splitboard at a local shop back in november which after talking to a guy about it had me thiking of buying a used board to try out in the local area.

    I wouldn’t stop riding my older Ride or new neversummer boards inbounds, but I like the idea of searching for a used board to see if I really like the split scene. I have been out twice and instructed by a friend and this thread has also helped me in my decision making.

    Now if only fiding a used split was easy…especially on the east coast….

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    Sounds like time to build a quiver!

    I havent read through the whole thread, but you could always split your own. Cheaper.

    Regardless, get a split. Its the bees knees.

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    I have a Prior Khyber split which I really like. Prior to that I had a Burton split which I thought rode like a 2×8 plank (great west coast bowl board, felt like certain death in mansfield trees). the khyber is really twitchy at times, and you have to be “on it” but you can really turn it fast and it floats well. from what i hear the khyber is similar to the ride of a fish in bc trees.

    inbounds? no, not if i can help it and only if the base is well covered in powder. this is because i still find the torsional stiffness is lacking compared to an unsplit board on groomers, esp, with classic ec hardpack. for inbounds i ride a burton custom. maybe one of the other split models rides better inbounds… unsure about that.

    the other problem with riding these expensive boards inbounds is popping into lodge for a piss or a beer and returning to rack to find it gone. 🙁 there’s no way to lock it securely since you can pop off voile bindings in a snap. you’d need to post a guard. 😉 or stash in a car. i had my custom stolen from stowe base lodge once (but i got it back, it was in the baggage bay of a bus in the parking lot) so it does happen.

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