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    I have well over 100 days on my Speed Ultralight toe pieces with no breakage. Dave: you said splitters, you have seen multiple folks break these at the same spot? I weigh 175 lbs.
    I direct mount mine (no adapter), I could see how they might take more stress if they were on an adapter and some of the bolts were not tight.
    It would good to know any additional details of how and where these are beaking to try and determine the causal factors and to truly determin if the Speed Ultralight really is not strong enough for splitboard use, or if we just have to be really careful about how we use (adapter design, make sure bolts are always tight, but not too tight, etc) them.
    For the moment, I would recommend that everyone using these check that your bolts are tight and use thread locker on them. Also inspect the toe pieces looking for cracks in the area where Brett has shown the breakage.

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    A guide buddy snapped one of his in the same spot. His were directly mounted. I’d say he’s well under 175. That’s all I know of but I believe dynafit told him they didn’t recommend them for guiding.

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    The first break I thought it might have been possible the screws were not tight. However when the second one broke I am certain the screws were tight.

    I weigh 175, almost always have a full pack. Not near the biggest person you will find on the super duper lites.

    I kind of doubt that direct mounting would change anything. I will be going with a beefier toe piece, like the slow radical until someone makes a toe with a hole pattern wider to reduce torque on the arms(?) of the tech toe.

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    Brett: Thanks that is good info. What I was thinking is two things: The Dynafit parts are designed for mounting with ski screws, and when one mounts with ski screws one never uses much torque when tightening, you just bring the screws up snug. When mounting to an aluminum adapter plate, one can apply a lot more torque before worrying about stripping the threads.
    The one other thing is that the heads of the machine screws need to be reduced in diameter to fit in the Dynafit bindings: I could see if the heads were even just a little too big the binding would get stressed and this could lead to failure.
    So far it looks like 3 broken toe pieces out of at least 100 pairs I know out there in the field. Mine have three seasons on them (I am 175 lbs plus gear) and I have not had issues, but you can bet I am keeping a close eye on them. I average avbout three days a week riding during the season.

    My advice for folks using the Speed Ultralight would be: Make sure you just bring the screws holding the binding to the adapter plate up snug (rely on thread lock to hold it together) and do not tighten firmly. Make sure your screw heads allow the screw to drop fully into its recessed hole in the binding, and that there is some wiggle room for the head to seat in. And, inspect your bindings closely for cracks, if you see any, stop use immediately.

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    It is quite possible that the extra width of our split skis puts a lot more load on these toe pieces than they were designed to handle.

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    yeah buell, I agree and am by no means not considering that the Speed Ultralights may just not be strong enough for splitboarding. Dynafit also does not expect that people will ski (split ski) the bindings without the heel piece in place, so it may be that the extra stress of split skiing is the cause. I do not split ski very aggressively, but still, I occasionally take falls split skiing that I suspect would stress the bindings pretty well, yet I have not experienced failure in 3 seasons of use.
    I think we should watch this closely, and see how many failures there really are. I know there are at least a couple hundred splitters using these bindings-so far only two folks experiencing failure.
    As is the case with any sporting goods, lightweight gear is a little more finicky, and needs to be used carefully-or, sometimes not at all.
    So far so good on my Speed Ultralights, but they are looking a little beat up, and I’ll probably get a new set for next season. I was using ski crampons (B&D) yesterday, and was thinking that these on a wide split, would probably cause additional stress…

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    I don’t use ski crampons so I didn’t think of those. Seems like the wide ski crampons would definitely add even more stress to the toe piece.

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