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    heres my take on the best mod for the lower buckle, using the Phantom Mod Kit and a plastic strap pillaged from another pair of TLTs (its the same strap from the other side of the same buckle). You can also source that strap from Dynafit dealers. I left the other (medial) side in its stock position instead of bringing it back to the cuff pivot like the mod kit describes.

    Moving the buckle side only, with this extension, allows you to use the stock cable which is better than using the longer cable from the mod kit. It also puts the buckle in a better position, one its more protected from getting sheared off by a rock when bootpacking and two it holds your heel down pretty well while allowing a bit more flex medially.

    TLT6 buckle placement

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Viewing 101 post (of 101 total)
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