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    Is anyone successfully riding the TLT5 Mountain without any mods? I’m curious especially about usage with Phantom bindings. I would thinking that with canting on the bindings and no dynafit tongue in place, there might not be a need for cutting the cuff.

    Is anyone not cutting a longer slot in the forward lean tab?

    Yes, all I’ve done to mine is to flip the forward lean stop plate and removed the power strap. So far quite happy. Phantoms F’n rock, thank you Kefler!

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    So I took the plunge and bought some used TLT5s to tinker with. I have them paired with some Spark Dynos at the moment. The reason for this was to dial it in at the resort and make sure it was something I could commit to before dropping the money on the Tour Mode part of the setup. I know from my ski setup that the Tour Mode is vastly better with Dynafits so that not where my doubt lies.

    Test Setup
    I rode at Solitude last Saturday where we had some nice fluffy snow. I haven’t made any mods yet and I ride with a 0° back foot and a 27° front. Other than slipping my TLT6 liner and orthotic into them, I rode them stock with the tongues removed.

    Forward Lean Mods
    Right after clamping them into my bindings it was immediately apparent that the forward lean was WAY too aggressive. It felt rigid. Yet the board felt super light and more nimble on my feet than my resort setup. So the first mod I’ll make is to elongate the lower end of the slot on my front foot to allow more rearward travel. I didn’t notice it as much on the back (left) foot so I probably won’t hog out as much material on that one. Forward lean needs to be improved on the back foot. I think that due to my stance I crouch more with my back foot so I’ll be elongating the upper side of the slot. This could be cause I was leaning back a bit to keep from submarining in the pow.

    I didn’t think the flex of the boot was too far off from my Malamutes. Could be due to my size? 6’3″. I didn’t see a issue torquing them around. If I remove any material, most likely I will not be removing material from the top of the cuff as this would cause the top of the cuff to “hinge” against my leg even lower. What I would rather do is maintain the same geometry of the cuff and where it contacts my leg but reduce the modulus “stiffness” by removing material along the vertical length of the cuff.

    Buckle Placement
    I also noticed that while making toe-side turns, my heel wasn’t being held down quite like I felt it should. This could be due to buckle placement. I’ll ride it again with a tighter setting first but I may end up doing the mod others have done and move the position of the buckle closer to the ankle to provide better heel hold.

    Other than that, I think it has some promise. It’ll be a fun experiment nonetheless. I’m excited to transfer those Dynafit benefits to snowboarding where I’m more comfortable.

Viewing 2 posts - 301 through 302 (of 302 total)

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