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    I’ve got a chance to get a Duotone splitboard, and I’m curious if anyone knows anything about them. I think its a 168 mtx? Is it worth buying, or would I be better off trying to get an older Voile?


    really? i used to ride duotone solid boards like a decade ago and loved ’em but haven’t heard a thing about ’em since. I am going to have to check this out. If they are still the same company i would think they are damn good boards.


    This is all I can find from the manufacturer, and it hasn’t been updated in 12 years. I think they might have gotten bought out by a bigger company, but I have no idea.


    F2 bought Duotone many years ago… then F2 became FTWO, and I’m not sure if they’re still building boards.

    The Duotone boards were high quality, and their splitboard one of the first splitboards in Europe… but that was too long ago, you might consider buy a newer board!


    My first split was a Duotone 168 MTX. I bought it used in a seemingly good condition back in 2006 for 450€ including all the gear (pucks, skins, crampons). I used it for about 15 days, the cap construction delaminated on both halves a bit behind the climbing wires. I epoxied it an used for about 5 more days before I sold it, ofcourse with an honest description of the condition. I´d say the Burton S-Series(voile hw) which replaced it, rode better.


    My first split was a Duotone 166. It had the old school voile hardware with old purple skins… I thought the board was quality, but too stiff for me.


    my first split back in 99 was a duotone mtx 68. if my memory does not fool me too much duotone produced splits from appr. 97-05 in lenght 163 + 168, always based on the mtx. the shapes of the boards did not change significantly. first models hasd sidewalls, later modells had a cap.

    the board is quite narrow (waist ~24 cm). so if you have big sized feet, toe- or heeldrag may occur. the stance was quite centered as well, because setback and taper were not very common in those days. in powder i had to push my weight always a lot to the rear foot/leg, which made riding sometimes quite uncomfortable.
    i know some people who added a pair of inserts behind the rear foot to bring back their weight more to the tail.

    otherwise the board provided a smooth riding style.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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