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    5.20.11 I met up with Dave at about 2pm in the South Bay at one of his local pizza joints and the scenery didn’t suck. We had been talking for a few days about different options for the weekend and had talked about the Dunderberg/Green Creek shuttle or a Langley day trip. The weather forecast was a little spotty so we left the options open.

    After pizza we spent the next two and half hours taking in views like this :banghead:

    Fortunately Dave had agreed to take care of the 405 and most of the 14 which I was grateful for. Once you hit the 395 the world changes drastically.

    We came around the corner into Lone Pine, saw the snow line for Langley, and made the decision to head north to camp at Horse Meadows.

    5.21.11 Gibbs, Kidney Chute, & The Plateau

    We headed to MoMart and met up with Jaybaysurfer, Jimw, Ollie, and Isaac to have some breakfast and come up with a plan.

    Dunderberg / Green Creek it was:

    After dropping off Jim’s van off we headed up to Virginia Lakes and began climbing one of the Southeast Gullies of Dunderberg at about 10:30.

    We skinned 1/2 way up the gully before the sun returned and started to do work on the 2″-3″ of new snow. There were some roller balls beginning to form so we opted to bootpack the remainder of the climb on a little ridge feature that divides the upper portion of the gully that consisted of snow, scree, and bushes. It was some good fun. Jimw going up:

    Looking down:

    Dave approaching the saddle:

    Jimw and Ollie enjoying the views:

    Now to the part we came for. Jaybay Looking down the north couloir of Dunderberg:




    Looking back:

    After a short hike we were ready to begin the ride/traverse to the Green Creek Gully. We dropped in as a group and began riding to the northwest. To my surprise we found what I like to call “The Triangle”. I could have sessioned this all day.

    After The Triangle we had a little more traversing to get to Green Creek. What we couldn’t ride we booted and there wasn’t a whole lot of uphill. It had gotten pretty warm by the time we had arrived at the green Creek Gully. The upper 1/3 was in pretty good condition still, but by the lower 2/3 had some debris and a pretty good runnel going down the gut.

    The crew hiking up:

    Looking down:






    Another awesome tour and day in the mountains! I will definitely revisit this one. :mrgreen:


    Nice work men, looks like a solid crew!


    Looks like fun….The Triangle looks epic…..What happened to Benny on this trip?


    Looks like you guys hit it right. Was there a lot of walking at the end?


    Sweet. Wasn’t too much walking at the bottom Rod, but what there was consisted of this sort of thing:

    Standby for more of my picks, they’re uploading right now…

    Setting out, then Fullers20h practicing his “dirt skinning” technique..splitbooting? Hells no!

    RJC Skinning with Fullers2oh below:

    In the N. Coulior..tks for letting me go first gang!
    RJC (what do mean the camera is tilted? No way, anyone who’s ridden this line knows it’s at least 70 deg! 😆

    Ollie then Isaac:

    Fullers20h sequence:

    Shredded…it was really good. I never expected pow on this day, but somehow we found it.

    Crossing over, below the Triangle:

    The mellow booting across the plateau:

    Green Creek, only this shot came out. It wasn’t as good as Dundy, but it was a hell of a lot better then reascending to get back to the car!:

    Total Time: 6:29:24
    Distance: 6.12 mi
    Vert gain: 4376′
    Descending: 6237′
    Low pt: (GC TH) 7991′
    High pt: (Dund)12,343′

    One of my favorite tours this season. I went into the weekend with emails from Jimw, Fullers and RJC, and Ollie and Isaac…independently, and I ended up touring with them ALL on this tour..sometimes things work out when friends, conditions and location all come together. Ending the night with Lobster taquitos is NEVER a bad thing either :headbang:


    Stellar work gentlemen! Have wanted to hit Dunderberg for some time…now even more so.

    165 Venture Divide/Spark Frankenburners/La Sportiva Spantiks
    163W Jones Solution/Phantom Alphas/Dynafit TLT5s
    162 Furberg



    Dang guys, looks really fun! Some really nice looking lines in the photos. Nice work!


    great times up there! excellent pics so far guys….i will post a few later on….josh are you shhhhhure about those numbers? i thought it was more like about 50ft of ascent for 64,000 feet of descent!


    @rjc wrote:

    Jimw and Ollie enjoying the views:

    For some reason this pic makes me think of Capt. Picard and Kuato discussing the finer points of the eastern Sierra spring snowpack. Sorry Olly, J/K! 🙂

    One of these days I’ll get through my million pics from that epic week and a half on the eastside and post em up here. That “Triangle” windlip was epic!

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