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    why not.

    been 50/50 riding bike and touring. might end up dumping some touring photos here. see where it goes as the internet tends to make a liar out of my promises made.

    the photo above was taken on the left of center peak in the next photo. ‘cept we have a perfect ping pong ball to ski in.

    this next set explains it self

    cayoosh. been skunked on this peak half a dozen times this year. finally hit it with weather and snow.

    and one for good measure

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    Yeah dude!

    Did you take a look at slalok this year? How is the coverage for that this year? Definitely get it if you can. 1000m vert to the lake.

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    we had talked about it while heading up the Anniversary glacier in the sun. then we were over taken by Alex Wigley et al with the same objective, add in the weather and we stuck to the original plan. I went on his blog to see how their trip turned out only to find out they snaked us on the million dolor as well.

    I am starting a blog called one step behind Alex Wigley. FFS 😉

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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