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    Hi all.

    I was riding in Malamutes for several years (2-3 pairs in 8-9 years) and recently tried Driver X. I went with smaller size, but it ended up very painful: I got flatfoot and it feels too narrow. I got black toe nains, molded em in Burton store, changed insoles, and still painful. And I hate that lacing system: I broke laces twice trying to tighten it up.
    My flatfoot issue was getting better over time, and I was sizing down every new boot: US13(30.5) in Malamutes, then to US12.5 (same 30.5 however) in another Malamutes, and US11.5 in Driver X.
    Length-wise 11.5 in Driver X fits fine, and I can mold em (I’ve done that with alpine boots – UPZ RC10). Now I want to go back to malamutes, but what size I should go with? On the one hand I’d like extra comfort with bigger boot, on the other hand, UPZs with molded liner are damn comfortable, and I can do same with Malamutes.

    Also, I see there’s another topic regarding Driver X and options. Are there any other boots besides those two?

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